Do we need to stop moaning about our energy suppliers?

More than half of Brits are worried about their finances, turning most frequently to their partners to discuss their money woes, according to new research from collective buying site

The majority of those with moaning partners admitting that despite all the worry, their other halves are still splashing out on ‘little luxuries’(70%).However, the research also revealed that Brits are unprepared to make simple changes that could save them money, like switching energy suppliers. In fact, almost a quarter of people have never switched their energy provider, despite just over two fifths of cash strapped consumers saying their bills had increased ‘a lot’ in the past year.Furthermore, only 16% of Brits say they are happy with their energy supplier, and over half say bills are too expensive.

Hmm…. all talk no action?

The research, which surveyed 2,000 people, also highlighted consumers’ attitudes to switching: 15% said changing energy supplier was too much hassle while 11% said they found the switching process too confusing to make a change. Other moans when asked about energy specifically included bills being too complicated to understand (18%) and too many tariffs to choose from (34%).

I have to admit I find it all a bit confusing and  I have never ‘switched’ …. what about you?




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