Do you find men difficult to buy for?

Today – Do you find men difficult to buy for?

In the last 6 weeks it has been my husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary. Easter is looming and then before I know it it will be Fathers Day.

Much as I love him these events always fill me with a slight dread… he is so difficult to buy for. He is blissfully for me not a materialistic man and is quite content with a few beers and a handmade card from the kids. Actually he would most prefer it if there was very little fuss.

But that makes me feel very inadequate.


Do you find men difficult to buy for?

I always get so jealous when my friends get perfect gifts for their partners. I find gifts for men so difficult! The women in my life are so easy to buy for  they enjoy books, toiletries, clothes, stationary. a purse, anything from any of their hobbies, technology, jewellery  anything goes. But the men in my life have always been super picky and always seem to have what they really want already.

Grandad always only wanted chocolate limes when I asked him. My dad always wanted nice cigars. J always says ‘whatever’ and ‘you don’t need to bother.’ Well that’s helpful! We invariably buy him slippers seeds and socks!

I have however just been looking at gift ideas for men at Hawkins Bazaar their gifts are unusual,  quirky and lots of fun. Boys toys for grown men (and me and the kids will like them too!)

men difficult to buy for

Gift ideas for  men difficult to buy for

Mystery UFO

Parking timer

Sudoku Loo roll

and there’s a beer drinking hat, a stylophone, racing meerkats and giant inflatable boxing gloves. I adore the £60 unicycle but the £2 toilet paper rocks too. I love these ideas!

There is a long thread over at Netmums about how hard it is to buy gifts for men too. Seems I am not alone in this!

But this Fathers Day I’ll be thinking outside the box and no more slippers and flower seeds from me (ahem of course I mean the  kids!)  No this year I have MUCH better ideas!



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  1. sarahhillwheeler
    March 19, 2013 / 19:40

    Thanks Becky. I agree that men are hard to buy for – there are only so many socks, chocolate ginger and whisky one chap can take. I like Hawkins Bazaar, glad to know they are still going. This year I blew the budget and got OH a 4×4 experience – which seemed to go down well, he bought me one for our anniversary so we could go together (bless). We’ve also found that boxes of meat and suasages are practical and go down well!

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