Do you need an American Visa or ESTA to Travel to the USA from the UK?

Do you need an American Visa or ESTA to Travel to the USA from the UK? Are we allowed to visit there yet? Is it open to UK residents?

I know a lot of people have a lot of questions about travel right now. 

It has been so long since I had a vacation overseas and I know it is the same for pretty much everyone.

And travel is one of my most favourite things.

Oh it is just so exciting the world is opening up again isn’t it. I have missed travelling so very much and I have so many plans and dreams and wishes for places to visit.

The US is at the very top of my bucket list and I am going to tell you why. I am also going to talk you through what you need in order to travel to the US as I know it can lead to quite a lot of confusion.


Do you need an American Visa or ESTA


Why I enjoy travelling to the US 

 I see the US as a diverse and fascinating Continent of a country.

I have been to several states but mainly to Minnesota and to Texas. You could not get 2 more disparate places in terms of climate , culture and even the people who live their and how they speak to you and how they welcome you. The landscape of America ranges deserts, lakes urban jungles and huge valleys and national parks to incredible frozen terrains.  What an incredible country it is indeed.

You could visit 1000 times and find a completely different place each and every time. 

I long to see Wyoming and it’s big sky and the Hollywood stars and the Las Vegas shows. I’d like to visit the golden gate bridge and Disneyland and take a carriage ride through central park.



What do you need to travel to the US?



You will need your passport and you need to be sure of a few things

  1. It is in date
  2.  You can lay your hands on it easily
  3. It has long enough time left on it. Depending on which country you are flying from there are rules about how much time you need left on your passport before it expires before you can go to certain places. This maters! 
  4. If you do need a new one do give yourself lots and lots of time to order it. There is huge pressie on passport offices at the moment and it is very easy to make a mistake on the form and have it sent back so really do not cut it shot and leave it to the last minute you cold well rue the day. 


Do you need an American Visa or ESTA to Travel to the USA from the UK?

What is an esta visa waiver you may well wonder?

An Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA)  is in fact an important document that will enable you to visit the US.

Nationals from 40 countries can get the US ESTA Visa Waiver document which grants short-term stays and is valid for 2 years.  This includes the UK.

How do you apply?

Well it is a a simple online application process. The approved visa waiver is sent to you by email in just 1 or 2 business days.

Certain criteria apply (such as not staying over 90 days or having visited Yemen or Somalia.)

For those who don’t meet the criteria a US VISA application will be the required route and these take quite a lot longer to process and it is a more complex process. 


Vax certificate or negative PCR test 

Well things change quite rapidly during this pandemic but for now these are what you need in order to visit the US. Get your vaccine folks! 

Before you travel, check the ‘Entry requirements’ section for the USA’s current entry restrictions and requirements. These may change  with very little pre-warning . 


I hope you have found this useful. Happy travels everyone.


Do you need an American Visa or ESTA to Travel to the USA from the UK? is a collaborative post 


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