Dreamiest Vacation: Unique Things to Do in Thailand

Without a doubt, Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries in the world and home to some of the most breath-taking landscapes you have ever seen. Besides its exotic culture and spectacular scenery, this intriguing Southeast Asian gem provides plenty of castaway beaches to discover, golden temples to explore, captivating wildlife to admire and plenty of souvenirs to take home with you.


Unique Things to Do in Thailand


Visit a Pearl Farm

Considered as some of the best pearls in the world due to their durability and unique beauty, Thailand produces three types of pearls: Mabe, Akoya and South Sea. If you want to learn more about these stunning gems, you should visit a Thai pearl farm, a popular tourist attraction for people all over the world. Designed by talented local workers, pearl jewellery would make great gifts for grandma, mom or sis to take home with you from your visit to Thailand. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and snag yourself an elegant set of pearl bracelets or a beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings.


Stop by the Red Lotus Sea

Tucked away in the province of Udon Thani in north-eastern Thailand, the Red Lotus lake will probably be one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. Covered in pink water lotus flowers, this unique lake provides stunning views and an unforgettable experience only from December to March, while the flowers are blooming.



Have Dinner on a Tree

If you are up for a luxurious dining experience with stunning scenery, you must try treetop dining while visiting Thailand. Hidden within a lush tropical rainforest on the beautiful island of Ko Kood, the Soneva Kiri Resort provides one of the most unique dining experiences you will ever have a chance to try. While you enjoy the amazing cuisine and breath-taking birds-eye views from your bamboo pod, specially trained waiters will bring you your food via a zipline.


Unique Things to Do in Thailand

Shop at the Maeklong Railway Market

Located in Samut Songkhram city, the Maeklong Railway Market, also known as world’s most dangerous market, has become quite a popular tourist attraction. People all over the world visit this place only to see as a train runs through the middle of this Thai street market, six times every day. The vendors, who sell mostly fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood, have only a couple of minutes to collect their products and move out of the way, with only a few centimetres to spare on each side.  


Visit the Monkey Temple

There are very few places in the world where you can enjoy spending time with a bunch of cute monkeys while on vacation, and the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple is one of them. Home to thousands of monkeys, this temple offers an extraordinary experience for tourists, as they can admire the beauty of the historic Khmer temple ruins while enjoying the company of the funny little creatures.



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