Dreaming of Starting a Family Blog? Here’s Why You Should Start Today

It’s an amazingly creative job to be a blogger. Writing about your passions and experiences is a dream of many writers. If you have that same dream and want to start a family blog one day, why not make that day today?

When you love writing, a blog is an amazing opportunity. Not only is it a great way to express yourself creatively and share your passion, but you can also make a living off it. Anyone dreaming of starting a blog should give it a go. Some do it just for fun, while others work hard to make blogging their way of making a living. More and more people take on alternative career paths and blogging is just one of them. Writing about your family and family life is a great way to share your experiences and connect with others – so why not start today? Here you’ll find a few tips on considerations when making your family blog.


Discover your niche

A family blog is a broad term. There are a lot of blogs in the world of blogging, so you need to stand out from the rest. This is why you need to find your niche. Maybe it’s family and finance, maybe it’s nomadic family life or something third. Don’t worry about making it too narrow. It is possible but tough. It’s better that you write about something unique than too generic. What you will also need is a name that expresses your niche topic. This will make it clear to potential readers, exactly what they can expect from reading your blog. You can find ideas for your blog’s name using BNG’s generator. It’s a great way to get some new inspiration so you’re sure to find the best possible name for your blog. By using this blog generator, you can insert keywords that you want your blog to be connected to. The generator will then find a suitable name that considers these keywords. 

Starting a Family Blog

Find a tone of voice

As a writer, you must have a tone of voice. This is particularly important for a blogger. You’re creating a universe for your readers, so it needs to be easily recognizable and consistent. One of the most influential elements in this is the tone of voice that you’re using in your writing. Are you a humorous writer? Or are you a serious communicator? Do you write formally or more loosely? These considerations will make your writing better and more consistent. Check out some great tips on how to find your tone of voice here.


Remember the visual aspect

Another part of building your blog’s universe is the visual aspect. A blog is more than just writing. Images and graphics both play a huge role in the overall impression of your blog. It needs to be easy to navigate and beautiful at the same time. Your visual identity must be just as easily recognizable as your tone of voice. Explore your style and make it into a beautiful and creative space that you can invite your readers into. The better the universe, the more successful the blog. 


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