Dubai Things to Do & See on a Holiday of a Lifetime

Time for an adventure

I have not had a holiday in 3 years.  Really. It has felt like a long time and I am so sick of grey skies I cannot wait to get on a plane and fly away from it all. This is a heavy year for us as a family. My son has A levels and I have 4 book commissions to fulfil. We are having some work done to our house too and my daughter has her mick GCSES. By the time summer comes around all this tension will have dissipated, and all our family goals will have been met.

We will be ready for our vacation!

But where to go – that is the million-dollar question.

I think after so long we deserve something a bit special for our vacation in the sun.


Choosing where to go

Instagram is my favourite social media and I follow several travel blogs as well as having a travel blog of my own.

I am forever dreaming of far-flung places. Recently an influencer I follow took her family to Dubai. I saw them standing in the sand dunes., eating at the markets, taking a glass slide down the inside of a glass building. It all looked incredible, and the skies (most importantly) were relentlessly blue. This was the holiday of my dreams. I have been stalking her page and indulging my dreams


Holiday planning

I talked to my husband and enthusiastically he agreed that Dubai looked incredible and the perfect way to celebrate my son’s A ‘levels. I was totally over the moon.

So, it is time to get planning where to stay, how to get there, what to do etc. I think planning a holiday is almost as much fun as going! Okay not quite – but it is always the best fun.


Booking flights and accommodation in Dubai and beyond

It is so easy to get flights booking online for when we are in Dubai, and, yes of course we would want to travel from our base there – I am even thinking of a trip to Mumbai possibly whilst there. How very cool would that be? A holiday of contrasts for sure.

And if we are going to go for a spectacular holiday, we want to make it amazing by exploring the whole area so it is also really handy we can book train tickets for our travels too in advance.

In terms of choosing accommodation, I will have a good look around – there truly are some spectacular hotels in Dubai but I will also ask for recommendations from friends who have visited there. I always feel that a personal recommendation is invaluable.


My Dubai dreams – Dubai things to do 

I just want to share with you a couple of things that I would love to see and do in Dubai but honestly my list could go on and on. I have picked the highlights


The Dubai Miracle Garden

My biggest wish in Dubai is to go to the Dubai miracle garden. It looks just incredible. I am a huge lover of flowers and just love to see flowers I haven’t seen before. The miracle garden is the largest natural flower garden in the world. Can you imagine how it would smell?

It contains over 150 million flowers arranged into all sorts of patterns and arches and themes and the photos are breath-taking. There is a giant teddy, a floral clock and castle and even a huge sunflower field there. It is 72, 000 sq. m of flowers. I would be in scented heaven!


The Dubai fountain

I love a good fountain and this one looks particularly exquisite  It is located at Burj Khalifa Lake, at the centre of the Downtown Dubai are, and there are many gorgeous cafes and restaurants where you can sit and watch the fountain perform with music and lights and  all its glory day and night. It cost over 150 million pounds to build and it is a huge tourist attraction in Dubai.


So, there you go. My main reasons for wanting to visit Dubai things to do and see that are just spectacular! and why I feel we truly deserve a great holiday this year!


Dubai Things to Do & See on a Holiday of a Lifetime is a collaborative post 


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