Easing Your Child’s First Day At School

Easing Your Child’s First Day At School

The first day of school.

It’s the time of change, the time of growing up, the time when your child is going to be without you for about 6 hours a day, and that’s a huge thing to be able to manage. It’s no wonder kids feel so worried about the days of school they have ahead of them, and as parents we know they’re going to adjust, but they don’t know that yet!


It’s time to make sure your child has only positives to focus on, and then come out to you at the end of the day where you’re waiting in the playground with a smile on their face. So whilst it feels like the days of creativity, playing, and fun are over, make sure the new days ahead are full of more fun and promise! Here’s a couple of ways to make sure your child’s first day at school goes off without a hitch.

Classrooms can be just as much fun as hometime!

Easing Your Child's First Day At School


Have a Good Breakfast

A good breakfast when you wake up prepares you for the rest of the day, so it should always come first before anything else. Of course, if your five year old is of the picky kind it can be hard to make sure they’ve got all their clothes on properly and their shoes buttoned up, but always leave about 20 minutes or more for this part of the day in your morning routine.

Some cereal is going to be easiest here, as well as some toast, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You can chop up some fruits here and add them to the bowl, giving some cornflakes more of a sweet kick without adding a lot of sugar. Or you can add some peanut butter and banana to a piece of toast for a real healthy energy kick – you can find a load more fun recipes here.


Label Items

Something a lot of kids can and will worry about is losing their possessions. A lunch bag can go amiss very easily after all, and kids can be very forgetful, especially when they’re faced with a challenge.

So to instantly put these fears to bed, invest in some School name labels, and get to sticking them in everything your child can physically take to class with them. Coats, jumpers, jackets, book bags etc. It all means they can find them again in lost property, and they’re less likely to leave these things lying around.


Tell Them They’ll Make Friend

Kids can feel very lonely at times like these. No more mummy and daddy to keep them entertained, and no siblings to play with either. So tell them everything’s going to be OK, because they’re going to make friends in no time. They’re going to be surrounded by people like them, and they should share their crayons and colouring books to be nice!

Your child’s first day at school can be hard, but you can make it better!

I you need to make a school appeal you will find some great tips here


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