East Coast Wooden Activity Cube Review

Today – East Coast Wooden Activity Cube Review


I am excited to bring you this East coast wooden activity cube review. I do love to bring you fabulous toys and in-depth product reviews so this post makes me happy as it combines all the above.

East coast wooden activity cube
East Coast Wooden Activity Cube, East Coast Wooden Activity Cube Review

East Coast Wooden Activity Cube review


Key features of the East Coast Wooden Activity Cube

This Wooden Activity Cube is Such a classic toy.

Let me tell you about some of its key features:

  • It is essentially 5 toys in one, offering a chalkboard, peg maze, clock, xylophone and chunky sliding bead coaster.
  • It is suitable for children age 12months+
  • It allows 2 or more kids to play together at the same time ( which is always a plus!)
  • The bead coaster can be placed upside-down inside the cube for easy storage

Wouldn’t it make a great baby/toddler present!


The benefits of a wooden activity cube

I love a wooden activity cube for lots of reasons it really is just the perfect play toy. Heres some of the benefits of a wooden activity cube:

– they look classy, not plastic and cheap but really beautifully made and this is a benefit for us all of us. So many kids toys are an eye sore yet these are just so pretty.

– these toys have an old-fashioned/traditional feel to them which take us back to our own childhood and nostalgia is always a good look.

– because they look so good these aren’t toys we feel we have to pack away and that not only saves us work but it also means kids can access them whenever they choose to and this is wonderful for encouraging independent play.

– they are great for social play as 2 kids at once can play on them at once and take turns or play simultaneously. This is wonderful to help children develop sharing skills and patience, vital to co-operative play.

– kids universally enjoy them and are constantly amused by them, there are just so many varied elements to explore on an activity cube that kids never seem to tire of these.


The learning potential of a wooden activity cube

There is so much learning potential with the East Coast Wooden Activity Cube – as you can see on the top there are flower beads to thread – this helps the child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. They can also identify the colours of the flowers. On the side is a maze which again helps fine motor skills and also enhances their problem-solving.  Then we have a clock on the other side in a myriad of colours which is bright and attractive.  this will help them begin to identify numbers and concepts of time with support from an adult. There is also a xylophone and oh, don’t little kids just love to make music. This really is a fabulous, multi-faceted toy. So much fun and so many play possibilities.


Environmentally friendly toys

The East Coast Activity Cube is made of wood and painted in non-toxic paint. It is a really healthy toy and extremely environmentally friendly. These are the kind of toys well worth investing in. They will last years and years and you will absolutely be able to pass this on.


 5 of the best wooden toys

We are huge fans of wooden toys here at Family Budgeting for just so many reasons Here are a few of the best wooden toys around.


Galt classic pop up toy

galt classic pop up toy, much loved wooden toys, best wooden toysThis Galt classic pop up toy is under £10 and tons of fun for babies/toddlers over 12 months amusing wooden toy it includes 4 colourful figures which bob up and down on concealed springs and is a fabulous way to introduce colour and hand-eye coordination


Melissa & Doug Wooden Stacker


The Melissa & Doug wooden stacker is guaranteed to be a much played with toy. Such a fabulous way to encourage co-ordination and problem solving and wow! such an attractive toy too



Tobar wooden farm playset

Oh, the Tobard wooden farm playset is so, so cute. An awesome way to encourage imaginative play and storytelling and such a durable and traditional toy. We just love that the farmhouse carry case can be used to transport all of the pieces and to contain them which is so practical!  This set is recommended for ages 3+

tobar wooden farm playset, best wooden toys

Le Toy Van Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark

Le Toy Van Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark is a fabulous way to enhance physical dexterity, shape recognition and manipulation and coordination and fine motor skills. Plus it is fun, bright and colourful and is a great storytelling aid. This is also a lovely toy to have out on display too. I just adore the little penguins.  Again this is a toy you are very likely to hold on to for your child’s treasure box or for any potential grandchildren.

Noahs ark shape sprter, best wooden toys


Wooden percussion set

Most kids seem almost entirely unselfconscious when it comes to making a noise so why not gift them a wooden percussion set to really go to town with.  They will be totally delighted! This is a toy set lots of kids can play with at once so as well as accentuating and enhancing rhythm and coordination – cooperative skills may also develop. Plus it is just tons of fun and you can never ever underestimate the very real value of that can you – no matter how old you are. And who knows – it could develop into a lifelong love of music and playing instruments – you never know you could be helping create the next Ed Sheeran or Adele.

Have fun joining in!

wooden percussion set, best wooden toys




Where to buy the East Coast Wooden Activity Cube

You can puchase the East Coast Wooden Activity cube on Amazon and form other good toy shops.



Let me know your thoughts about the best wooden toys

I would love to hear from you. Please do tell me do your children have wooden toys? Did you have wooden tiyrs when you were child? Do you like these abouve other toys. lever me a comment below and let me know you child’s most favourite of all wooden toy and i will add it my  my list of best wooden toys.


Do you have a Wooden Activity Cube for your child?








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    Lovely prize

  2. Kayleigh Watkins
    November 27, 2017 / 13:05

    This would be perfect for my Mollie who will be nearly 10 months old at Christmas, thank you very much for the chance to win xXx

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