Easy Career Boosters Anyone Can Achieve

We spend a huge chunk of our life at work, up to a third, in fact! That means our careers are pretty important to us. However, it also means that it can be super frustrating if we aren’t quite where we like to be. Luckily, there are some pretty easy ways of boosting our careers, and getting that promotion; we have our eyes on. Read more about this in the post below.


Keep a success log

The first thing you can do to give yourself a boost in the career area is to get into the habit of keeping a success log. Now, this is a fairly new concept in term of career development, but it can be so useful for a number of reasons.

Keeping a success log isn’t just about boosting your ego.

Easy Career Boosters Anyone Can Achieve, Becky Goddard-hill


The first, and main reason is that by keeping a log of when you have achieved goals and targets at work or done something of particular value, you then have a wealth of information to add to your resume that you can access at any time. Something that can help you get that internal promotion or apply for a better job elsewhere.

The additional benefit of keeping a success log in this way is that you get to track your progress. This is an action that can be highly motivating and keep you focused and working hard in a constructive fashion. Something else that can contribute to boosting your career.


Advance your education

Next, a great way to boost your career is to advance your education. They are a many of methods for doing this, from doing single day training courses organised by your employer to formal CPD qualifications, and even longer-term commitments such as bachelors and masters courses.

Sadly, it is often the length of the commitment that puts many people off pursuing higher educational options that could positively influence their career.  However, with courses like this online MBA no GMAT you can fit in your study around your current job and other life responsibilities. Something that makes pursuing Education at this level a lot more achievable for many, and in turn can give them the best chance of boosting their career.


Get some experience

Last, of all, do not underestimate the power of experience when it comes to boosting your career potential. This means that whenever possible get some experience of the promotion you are applying for before you make your application.

Experience is so crucial because it not only ensures you know what to expect from a job role, but it also shows that you are capable and invested enough to seek out opportunities relevant to the position you are applying for.

Yes, you may have to gain that experience in addition to your other work roles, or you can even volunteer separately to your current job, or do an unpaid internship. Although what you lose in wages here, is often quickly superseded by the leg up this experience gives you, both on your resume and during the interview process. Something that makes this a vital way in which to boost your career.

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