The BEST Easy Shortbread Recipe

Easy shortbread recipe – Simple way to make a tasty treat from a very quick shortbread recipe. Just 3 simple ingredients.

And if you gave been searing for a shortbread biscuit recipe UK, hoping to find the perfect one for an afternoon tea party then here you go!


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Easy Shortbread Recipe


What is the secret to great shortbread?

Good quality ingredients, no budget brands here is you can help it – get the best you can get and  take your time. 


Is shortbread easy to make?

the easiest bake ever! and perfect for that last minute edible gift


How to make a basic shortbread recipe

 I have the easiest recipe for shortbread EVER for you here today. Look no further – simple, basic, quick and with only 3 ingredients it is the only recipe for this simple bake that you will ever need.

I know it is such a traditional recipe and you will find many out there but I guarantee you won’t find one simpler or more straightforward than this one and you will certainly use it again and again. And do share away with other people they will be so grateful. I am a big believer in demystifying and sharing baking tips 


Easy shortbread recipe

Simple shortbread

Easy Shortbread Recipe

A super speedy 3 ingredient easy shortbread recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine English
Servings 8


  • 4 oz Caster sugar
  • 8 oz 8 oz Butter
  • 12 oz Plain flour


  • Beat the butter and the sugar together until smooth with a wooden spoon, make sure there are no lumps and bumps! It won’t take very long.
  • Stir in the flour till you have a nice smooth consistency
  • Add a handful of chocolate chips or 1 tablespoon finely grated orange peel if you want a variation on flavour a bit of lemon peel is a great too and adds a tiny bit of crunch.
  • Roll out then lift onto a greased baking dish
  • Bake in the oven for 25  minutes, or until pale golden-brown.
  • Prick all over with a fork and cut into slices
  • Set aside to cool on a wire rack
  • Sprinkle with sugar
  • Cut into chunks/slices


A quick and easy shortbread recipe with juts 3 ingrediants. for possibly the best shortbread ever!
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print this easy shortbread recipe

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Should shortbread cookies have vanilla?

You coudl add a few drops I tend not too but if you love vanilla then go for it!


The best easy shortbread recipe

I do absolutely love to share basic cooking tutorials. Recipes can get so very complicated can’t they but there is nothing as satisfying as whipping up a tasty treat in mere minutes – that can last for ages. I do hope you have a go at this easy shortbread recipe and let the aromas fill your home

Ia nything nicer then the smell of fresh baking and especially sugar and vanilla. Mmmmmm


What is the best recipe for shortbread?

As well as being the easiest this really is the best. 

This very quick and easy shortbread recipe will stand you in good stead for last-minute sweet treats and birthday gifts. You sometimes need something up your sleeve don’t you when a gift has been forgotten – well this is the best shortbread recipe so it is absolutely perfect. Press it on every one you know!

This quick shortbread recipe has just 3 ingredients and is a quick and easy shortbread recipe/bake and works well for the most inexperienced of bakers, as it is also super simple dough to make.  A bit of cellophane and a ribbon make this easy shortbread a gorgeous gift or present when you are out visiting too – what could be better for a housewarming gift than shortbread and a box of tea?

Or just brew a cup of your favorite coffee from the espresso beans and enjoy their great taste yourself.. Why not try making coffee in a handy bag instead. What are coffee bags, you ask? Well, they are only the most convenient way for you to enjoy a cup of coffee in as little as five minutes. All you need to do is pop a bag into a cup and add some boiling water to it, and off you go.


Why do you put shortbread in the fridge before baking?

 You could if you wished put your shortbread in the fridge for 1 hour before baking. This helps the biscuits firm and intensifies the buttery flavour but you don’t have to.


Why do you put shortbread in the fridge before baking?



Simple Shortbread recipe

You need only the very simplest of ingredients too for this easy shortbread recipe and these will more than likely be found in your pantry.


What are the ingredients for shortbread?

Simply butter, sugar and flour. 




Shortbread Ingredients for this quick and easy shortbread recipe in ounces as well as grams

  • 250g/8 oz Unsalted Butter
  • 125g/4 oz  Caster Sugar
  • 375g/12 oz  all purpose flour or Plain flour

Has to be the simplest easy shortbread recipe ever! and was there ever anything more English teatime than shortbread. I think this 3 ingredient shortbread is  proper comfort snacking. ( I will make a video of it in due course so do pop back!)


A how-to make Quick and Easy Shortbread Recipe

Oh, this is all so simple – as all the best dessert recipes always are! Just the way I like to bake – no fuss at all.

 Preheat oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.            

  1. Beat the room temperature butter and the sugar together until smooth with a wooden spoon, make sure there are no lumps and bumps! It won’t take very long.
  2. Stir in the flour till you have a nice smooth consistency
  3. Add a handful of chocolate chips or 1 tablespoon finely grated orange peel if you want a variation on flavour a bit of lemon peel is c great too and adds a tiny bit of crunch.
  4. Roll out then lift onto a greased baking dish
  5. Baking time in the oven for 25  minutes, or until pale golden-brown on parchment paper or a baking sheet.
  6. Prick all over with a fork and cut into slices
  7. Set aside to cool on a wire rack
  8. Sprinkle with sugar
  9. Cut into chunks/slices ( easy shortbread cookies go down a treat) 
  10. Munch or give as a gift (I like to do both!)

Now that is one easy shortbread recipe, right?  of course you can add chewy chocolate chip to make chocolate chip cookies but that’s up to you. So many variations can be developed form this simple base. Melt in your mouth shortbread cookies are great no matter what you put in them. 


Easy Shortbread Recipe, easy shortbread

oh my goodness what a cool baking sheet!


Simple Shortbread memories

My shortbread memories are all based around school actually I don’t think we ever had or made an easy shortbread recipe at home. That’s is quite off when I come to think of it – I wonder if my parents weren’t fans. I recall a lot of bourbons and fig rolls in my childhood – they both are icky ion my mind now!

We rarely baked when I was a kid which is a shame because it is such a lovely thing to do with children. I used to love baking shortbread in cookery at school. I found that a heavenly and warm vanilla scent would just fill the kitchen and it made me feel safe and happy.


How to make shortbread easy recipe

This term is searched for SO much! 

Easy Shortbread is a rather lovely, homely kind of bake I always think. It reminds me of marks and spencers and Christmas too – but that’s probably down to advertising!  What are your shortbread memories?


easy shortbread recipe


Homemade easy shortbread recipe Gift ideas

I happen to think that my very easy shortbread recipe makes one of the best free baby gifts in the world Obviously NOT for baby but what a lovely buttery sugar boost for weary parents. Totally fabulous new parent gift idea right here and so inexpensive to make!

Not just for new parents or for Christmas though is it? I think easy Shortbread makes the very best gift no matter what time of year or what the occasion. It could go in a little cellophane bag. You could even buy a little shortbread tin. Tins are so useful to have and make your gift look so much more expensive and well-considered.

I love these shortbread tins

easy shortbread recipe



Just think you could keep your own stash in your handbag at all times and never be peckish again. So much cheaper than hitting the vending machine too isn’t it! And what a lovely thing to take your easy shortbread recipe into work and share around at coffee break. How very popular you would be with your work colleagues. You could even bribe the boss with it!

There nothing quite like an easy shortbread recipe to bring that feels good comforting vibe to a little snack.


Some tips:

Once you’ve made these easy shortbread cookies according to the recipe,  you can wrap them and label them with your own unique production logo to give to friends or to sell them. allows you to customize your cookies with unique labels, stickers, etc. to make your cookies look more distinctive and popular. Get discounts on bulk ordering of custom labels now!



Why is this easy shortbread recipe so popular?

Well, I think the reason that shortbread is so popular is actually down to its simplicity. It is vanilla, butter and sugar and these have to be the most inoffensive and delightful ingredients around. I do not know one person who dislikes shortbread ( except perhaps bizarrely my folks!)  Most everyone I know likes these ingredients and in combination honestly what could be better.

There is also a lot to be said for the familiarity of the kind of shortbread this simple recipe conjures up. We have all eaten shortbread here in The UK and it will have many associations for us that are warm and happy.


The history of shortbread

History tells us that shortbread originated in Scotland back in medieval times. Legend has it evolved  ‘from medieval biscuit bread, a twice-baked, enriched bread roll dusted with sugar and spices and hardened into a rusk.’ Gosh, that sounds absolutely delicious, doesn’t it? You can read a lot  more about this rich and tasty history of shortbread over at The Nibble (what an awesome name for a website hey!) 

This explains all those tartan tins you see around!


Why is shortbread called shortbread?

Oh you know  I had never thought about this before it’s an odd name isn’t it really…have you ever wondered why shortbread is called shortbread?  Well it’s very simple explanation really turns out it is because of the term short, when applied to biscuits, means crumbly and because of the amount of butter in shortbread, the biscuit is called short.  This is why the fat added to biscuits and pastries is called shortening. Isn’t that cool. Maybe we should call it crumbly bread!

Doesn’t quite work though, does it?


Is this 3 ingredient easy shortbread recipe to make?

Oh my goodness it really is- Shortbread is one of the very first things kids bake ast school, just a few ingredients and pretty much foolproof.  If you have never tried it iI do urge you to give my easy shortbread recipe a go. You will never look back.



Basic shortbread recipe

Don’t for one minute think you have to just stick to this basic shortbread recipe and that is your limit.

Whilst this simple and easy shortbread recipe is definitely basic it does not mean you cannot enhance it – you could dip it in chocolate, add crushed almonds to the mix and all sorts – experiment! baking should be fun and as individual, as you are. This recipe can be your base from which to fly – what do you fancy with your shortbread?

Personally I like the basic shortbread recipe with lots of sugar sprinkled on top and a pot of tea.

Do you like to experiment with your baking. I get braver the more I try a recipe and slowly , slowly I will begin to add on and in my own enhancements.


Easy Shortbread Recipe


Baking this easy shortbread recipe with kids

It is so easy to bake this easy shortbread recipe with kids and a truly loving thing too.

Ah, so many benefits to kids baking shortbread with kids.

From a sensory perspective, baking is a lovely way to help children relax, It is also a great way for them to feel really proud of their achievements and that they are contributing. On another level baking benefits kids as they learnt to read instructions and work on weighing and measuring. I even take mine to buy the ingredients too so they can learn a little about money., Baking really does have many benefits for kids and this super easy recipe makes it non-intimidating for them too.

Plus if you teach them well enough they may even bake you a batch for your birthday!


Can you freeze this easy shortbread recipe?

Yes, you can freeze this easy shortbread recipe. It will freeze for up to 3 months. Once defrosted though do not refreeze your shortbread.


How long does this homemade easy shortbread recipe keep?

Ah! something all of us all want to know and recipe books often neglect to tell us right? Our easy shortbread recipe has a nice long shelf life, Shortbread can keep up to 4 weeks in an air tight container.

The airtight bit is really important! So do make sure that your seals are intact and your lids are on super tight.


easy shortbread recipe


Do let me know how you get on with this quick and easy shortbread recipe

I do hope you enjoy this very quick and easy shortbread recipe! I love it, I love anything simple to make baking accessible and easy and fun. Let me know how you get on making this easy shortbread recipe in the comments below.

Take a peek here for more of my bakes and find a host more foodie fun on my Eat Simply blog

I do hope you have enjoyed this speedy recipe for easy shortbread.


More quick and easy shortbread ideas

Lemon posset with shortbread

Ultra creamy lemon puddings with sweet, crumbly shortbread cookies – so so scrummy (don’t forget your vanilla extract, butter cookies always need this) 


easy shortbread recipe


Or how about this lemon shortbread recipe from the very lovely Chris at Thinly Spread – an easy Shortbread recipe UK?

Or how about this book on 50 shortbread recipe ideas – you could make a new batch every week couldn’t you?



Almond Shortbread – English Shortbread Cookies

To make an almond shortbread simply add in 60g of ground almonds to our mixture at the end and stir away. It is super simple!


Lavender Shortbread – A melt in your mouth Scottish Shortbread Recipe

To make lavender shortbread you simply mix your 4 oz of caster sugar with 2 teaspoons lavender flowers before using, that’s it! Add a little extra lavender sugar when cooled too – delicious!


School Fairs with this Easy Shortbread recipe

If you are looking for more idea of homemade things to sell at school fairs ( or even online) do check out this great post on crafts that make money It is brimful of brilliant ideas including bath bombs, bath salts, candles and bowls made from leaves. Do take a peek.
Nothing says Christmas more than a traditional shortbread recipe bought to life does it thought you really can use this easy shortbread recipe any time of the year.


Shortbread Scented Candles

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about shortbread is the scent. I just think that it absolutely deliciously lovely. It smells of home and grandma and comfort and security. So simple yet warm and inviting.

If you have no time to whip up a batch of easy shortbread DO have a light of this shortbread candle instead. It is perfect (especially if you are trying to sell your house!)




This shortbread scented candle is available from amazon and just sounds totally scrumptious to me!  These low calories daydreams costs around £10 and what a simple but perfect pleasure and ooh the smell in your house will be totally delicious won’t it!


Easy Shortbread Recipe FAQ’s


easy shortbread recipe

Why is my easy shortbread chewy?

This is usually down to too much sugar in you mix


Because this easy shortbread recipe is so simple to make is the taste compromised?

Not at all it is delicious – give this easy shortbread recipe and it’s many variations a try


Will this easy shortbread recipe work every time?

It has never failed me yet!


Is this easy shortbread recipe luxe enough for a gift idea?

Oh it really is, it is smooth and creamy and almost everyone loves it so yes I would say unless your recipient is dairy-free this should go down a treat


How do I know my shortbread is cooked?

It will go a slight golden brown throughout that is how you will know it is ready. Stick to the timings and use your eyes and you will be just fine.


Vegan easy shortbread

You can find a lovely vegan shortbread recipe over at loving it vegan

You absolutely do not have to miss out if you are vegan and shortbread – well it is scrumptious pretty much however you make it. My daughter is vega and this is undoubtedly one of her favourite treats to make – then take in her little pack ups to school.

You might also like my vegan raisin scone recipe



A little of what you fancy

Some of us long to know how to stop mindless snacking and one of the key points i think is to make an occasion of your snack rather than eating on the run. So with this I’d say get a cup of tea and some good company and make it mindful and really take the time to appreciate each and every single bite of your delicious bake


How long does this homemade easy shortbread keep at room temperature?

This homemade shortbread recipe lasts for 1 week in an air-tight container at room temperature. It is absolutely perfect for pack ups for the kids or for you to take into work to share or have with a cup of tea as a coming home treat. I love this easy shortbread recipe it has so few ingredients yet it’s totally delicious and super quick. I do hope you feel the same! It is perfect for packed lunch ideas for kids


Is it easy short bread or easy shortbread?

It’s the latter just in case you were wondering.


Best shortbread recipe uk

Easy Shortbread Recipe



Over to you – do you have an easy shortbread recipe to share?

I do always absolutely love to hear from you so please do not be shy about t dropping me a line and letting me know how you got on with this easy shortbread recipe. Is it something you would bake again?

And how about gifting it. I think it makes the perfect gift and it is rather lovely at a special birthday party tea too.

Everyone loves an easy shortbread recipe and Christmas cookies don’t get much better than shortbread ones.

And cookie dough icecream is always my first choice (scooped on top of peanut butter sugar cookies!) 


easy shortbread recipe


Do you have a quick and easy cookies recipe to share – if so I would absolutely love to see it? I love a shortbread cookie recipe. Do drop me a comment below and a link to your recipe too if you have one.

I can’t wait to read it if you do – how I love an easy shortbread recipe – you might also like my hand-made sponge cake delivery post you might also like my lemon snaps recipe


Simple Classic Shortbread A Ted Lasso Biscuit Box for Gifting

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Ted Lasso, then you know how much he loves his biscuits. And if you’ve ever tasted shortbread, then you understand why it’s one of his favorites. Simple, buttery, and deliciously crumbly – there’s nothing quite like a classic shortbread biscuit. With the holiday season upon us, why not share your love of shortbread with friends and family by gifting them a Ted Lasso-inspired biscuit box? This sweet and simple gift is perfect for anyone who appreciates good food and good humor. To make your own biscuit box, start by baking up a batch of classic shortbread cookies using my easy reciPE ABOVE


Spooky shortbread biscuit recipe

If you are looking for an easy shortbread recipe for Halloween look no further than these cute mummies!  Pop over here to see how to make these shortbread recipes easy and speedy!. 




Some things you may need when making easy shortbread biscuits or a shortbread biscuit recipe uk style for the first time 

  • cookie cutters
  • airtight container
  • shortbread recipes
  • rolling pin
  • plastic wrap
  • cake pans /square pan
  • silicone mat
  • food processor / electric mixer
  • large bowl
  • basic ingredients
  • cookie sheet 
  • recipe card


The 10 most popular types of shortbread recipe easy and delicious!

1. Classic Scottish Shortbread Cookies (shortbread fingers!)

2. Lemon Shortbread Cookies (use real lemons for the best results) 

3. Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies (milk or dark chocolate) 

4. Almond Shortbread Cookies

5. Butter Pecan Shortbread Bars

6. Lavender Shortbread Cookies

7. Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Shortbreads

8. Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread Bites

9. Cinnamon Sugar Snickerdoodle Bars

10. Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups



Final thoughts on Easy Shortbread

If you came here looking for an easy recipe for shortbread I hope you leave content. 

Cooking does not have to be complicated. Building yourself up a collection of easy basic recipes that you know and trust really is the way forward if you want to become a confident cook who gets it right time and time again. Shortbread cookies recipe for the win! Whether you want a sweet cookie or a buttery cookie – no matter what your personal preference when you bake yourself you can adapt an easy shortbread cookie recipe like this one to work for you and add whatever extra flavor

With the addition of every simple ingredient shortbread cookies just taste delicious, Who doesn’t love shortbread cookies?

Wishing you the best of luck on your baking journey and do always be brave, try something new and your own twist baking is a giant and delicious science experiment! 

Enjoy your shortbread-making – go garner in your shortbread ingredients! 

Share my easy recipe for shortbread with someone today!




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