Easy to use tools and services every student should know about

Today – Easy to use tools and services every student should know about


Getting a degree takes a great deal of work and costs a lot of money. So, if your kids are planning to, or about to, attend university, you will want to do everything you can to improve their chances of securing a good degree.

Here are some tools and software you could invest in to help them. The focus of this particular article is on the tools and services that will enable your son or daughter to submit the best possible dissertation.

Plagiarism checker

Students need to demonstrate that they have done their own research and not simply copied what others have written before. They must also make sure that their dissertation does not look like they have simply reworded something. This tool will scan the web for similar documents and highlight any passages of text in a dissertation that look wrong. Students can then go back and edit it so that it passes any plagiarism test that may be carried out.


Easy to use tools and services every student should know about

Citation tool

When writing academic papers, it is important to cite all sources and do so in the right way. This is actually tricky and time-consuming to do. Fortunately, it is now possible to complete this task using an online citation tool. The student just has to key in the correct details and press enter. When the system has done its magic, they just need to copy and paste the perfectly formatted citation into their dissertation or other academic paper.

Proofreading service

It is always a good idea to turn in a paper that is free of grammar and spelling errors. Doing this makes it easier to read and helps to ensure that the points being made are as clear as possible.

Submitting a flawlessly written and formatted dissertation also makes a good impression on the person marking the paper. It is an indication that the student has taken the task seriously. On a subconscious level, it also makes it easier for the marker to take the person who wrote the dissertation seriously and believe in their arguments.

A good proofreading service costs money. But, for most students, using one is a worthwhile investment.


Research tools

One of the biggest challenges students face when writing their dissertations is keeping their research organised. Being able to do so is crucial. If you cannot do this you will end up wasting a lot of time looking for the materials you need to make your various points.

In all likelihood, you will have started the research process for your paper many weeks, maybe months earlier. You will have probably made notes, but, over time they tend to become a bit messy. When that happens, finding what you need becomes practically impossible.

This excellent resource article tells you about a range of research tools that are particularly helpful for students who are writing academic papers. Including, several that are specifically designed to make it easier to gather facts and save them for easy access, at a later date.


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