Easy Vegetables to Grow

Are you looking for easy vegetables to grow from seed?


easy vegetables to grow from seed



Easy Vegetables to Grow – from Seeds

While it can be convenient to buy seedlings for your garden at your local nursery it can also be a bit of an issue for some plants. Starting plants from seed has a lot of great benefits including saving money and having better quality plants if your nursery options are limited.

While there are many great plants that are best to buy as seedlings or to start in your home long before the last frost to give them a head start some plants thrive much better when placed in the soil and left alone.

Let’s take a look at some easy vegetables to grow from seed and see what they need in the way of TLC


Green beans are easy vegetables to grow

Green beans are quick to grow. Green beans can be direct sown as soon as the last frost has passed. For a continuous harvest succession plant, every other week to ensure a continuous harvest over the entire gardening season. The quick-growing plants are perfect for new gardeners looking for a rewarding addition to their garden.

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easy vegetables to grow



Corn thrives in sunny places and tends to grow tall and leggy. These plants do not take well to being over even as seedlings. Direct sowing corn as soon as the last frost has passed is the best way to grow corn in your garden.



Carrots are one of the worst plants to start from seedlings. Most nurseries will not even carry carrots because they tend to fork in the soil if transplanted. When planting carrots stick to well-draining soil clear of rocks, sticks, and large clumps of dirt.



Peas like green beans do not like to be moved and quickly look for a structure to climb. Start your peas directly in the garden early in the season and succession plant as the season goes on. They are really easy vegetable to grow



Beats like carrots do not do well when transplanted. They outgrow containers quickly and need to be placed in soil that allows them to freely spread or they will take out weird shapes and have stunted growth.


Radishes are speedy and easy vegetables to grow

Radishes grow extremely fast being ready for harvest in roughly 4 weeks. This means they don’t have much time in the early stages and can end up misshapen if placed in a small seedling pot and not transplanted within days.

easy vegetables to grow

Courgettes are super easy vegetables to grow

Courgettes or  Zucchininis a common favorite of many gardeners because they grow quickly and produce a large harvest. Zucchini is a fast grower and easily becomes root bound in small containers, because of this they do not thrive as seedlings being transplanted.



Spinach is another very fast-growing vegetable that thrives when planted directly into the ground. Plant your spinach directly sowing seeds and harvest regularly after the first 6 weeks or so for continuous baby spinach.

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lentil hotpot


Melons like plenty of room to grow and do not like to be constrained or moved. Plant your melons including watermelon in mounds directly after the last frost to give them plenty of time to thrive for a summer harvest.


Pumpkins like melons prefer larger mounds of soil to grow and should be planted early in the season by direct sowing seeds. Many gardeners find pumpkins volunteering in the garden from their compost bins. Pumpkins do not take much attention once planted to thrive.


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Easy Vegetables to Grow

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