An easy way to make jam and clean up after!

I have never made jam. Despite always finding homemade jam to taste better I have somehow never got round to making it. It just sounded a bit complicated to me. I am not one for complicated cooking.

But Persil sent me  a jam making kit and I took on the challenge! They also sent me a recipe for an easy way to make jam. Yay!

My aim was to make strawberry and black pepper jam (but the whole family talked me out of the black pepper! ) Anyhow I mixed a combination of strawberries from my garden and some store bought ones (all of which were tiny) with some sugar and lemon and stirred!!

Let me give you the recipe

300g fresh strawbweerriews

300g of granulated sugar

1tbsp lemon juice

freshly ground black pepper


  • hull strawbs and chop them roughly
  • put in a pan with sugar and lemon juice
  • stir over low heat till sugar dissolves
  • once dissolved turn up heat till it reaches 106C
  • remove form the heat store and add a few twist of black pepper
  • ladle into jar, seal and cool before storing in a cool dry place
  • leave a week, ideally a month before opening.

easy way to make jam

How easy was that.

Okay I forgot to chop the strawberries and didn’t seal it right and it didn’t quite set BUT honestly best jam I have eve ever tasted. I ended up a right sticky mess (as usual when I cook!)

Luckily Persil had sent me their new product Persil dual action capsules.

These contain micro-granules to attack stains whilst the boosted liquid completes the wash. Its a  really pioneering capsule and it absolutely does work. I was very impressed. Jam and black coffee balck currant juice .red wine all zapped just by one tab.

Perfectly convenient and the best washing tab I have ever used. (28 washes £9.99)

Easy strawbwerry jam recipe




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