Easy ways to save money on your car hire abroad

I love money saving articles and as you can imagine I have read a fair few in my time. This morning I have been over at at a car hire insurance website reading some tips on saving money when hiring a car abroad. They suggested a couple of ways that I really would not have considered. have you ever done either of these?


Take your own car seat

Apparently many airlines let you check these in for free and not only will this save you money but you will also know how to fit it, your child will be used to it and you know it is of good quality and clean. makes total sense! You will be saving yourself a lot of stress as well as money and it has to be safer if you know how to fit it!

Take your own sat nav

Now I would never have even considered this but it does make sense. They can be inexpensive to buy so you may as well rather than rent. It is so frustrating trying to get to grips with new gadgets and so much nicer to know what you are doing straight away with a familiar system.

Other ways to save when travelling by car abroad

I would also suggest car snacks to save you having to stop off and buy expensive snacks form garages. I  would also suggest  sick bags and a readily accessible change of clothes if you have kids you do not want to be charged for soiling a car !


Little savings soon mount up and holidays really can be expensive so they are well worth considering. By looking to save where you can you really can shave lots off your budget. It is worth really thinking about what you can do to reduce outgoings and keep yourself financially healthy.



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