Eat that frog book review

My mum often used the expression ‘c’mon you need to eat that frog’ when referring to dealing with tricky tasks that had me procrastinating. I’ve never really heard the phrase anywhere else.

Rather randomly I came across a book with the same name on Amazon talking about exactly the same thing. I popped it on my wish list as it was a wish not a need and Santa (bless him!) obliged.

Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today!

eat that frog


Eat that frog book review

Well it’s a quicky and easy read but contains much to ponder and some very useful advice. It has 21 points of wisdom and basically its telling you get the big/uncomfortable/tricky stuff done first and nothing else will be as horrible to tackle (or probably as useful) all day. Eating that frog will free you up from procrastination.

The book deals a lot with procrastination, productivity and focus and really tackles time management by focusing you in on the important stuff rather than trying to squeeze more hours in one day.

I thought it was an excellent book except for 2 small things.
1) It tells you to tell everyone you are doing great and your fine even when you aren’t to keep you up productive and positive. I disagree we are human its okay to have bad days and says so…it makes us equal and gives us hugs we need some time. We shouldn’t have to be robots to be successful

2) This book is slightly  repetitive book towards the end and could have been even shorter and still as powerful!

Impact of Eat That Frog

The book  tackles home and personal life  as well as office life and these often overspill

I loved it thought and its definitely had an impact already.

Each morning this week before sitting down  at my computer and having a coffee I have whizzed around the kitchen putting on laundry and loading the dishwasher first  Two jobs I normally put off for hours and that really get me down. That coffee once these jobs are done is Fabulous and I am happy for the rest of the day  I am working/cooking/living  in an ordered environment.

I am learning to eat those frogs!


I hope you ahve enjoyed my Eat that frog book review




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