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Are you eco-frugal?

Hey everyone how are you? I was on holiday last week hence not checking in. If you would like to see what I  have been up too generally here is a little vlog I made

A little catch-up!


In terms of budgeting though I have a few additional things to share with you that I have been exploring this week I have been trying to be eco-frugal


Hair removal at home

We all have different views and methods on hair removal but if it something you like to do and want to do permanently this ins a really good at-home option that will save you a lot of money on salon costs. Do take a look at my Silk ‘n Infinity review


Saving money reads

I have been reading about ways to save money on school supplies (good to think ahead!) you absolutely DON’T need all things new so the first and most important thing is to take stock of what you have already.


Budget ideas for the kids!

If you are looking for fun things to do with the kids over the summer I have to recommend my book  Create Your Own Happy is packed with free and fun things for your child to do over the summer holidays, costs under £7 and is designed to boost their happiness. A great investment for the 6 weeks off!


Thinking Eco-Frugal

I have been thinking a lot recently about cheap stuff which of course budgeters want and I have also been thinking about sustainability. The 2 often do not go hand in hand, do they? But they can. I am going to try where possible to marry up a thrifty approach with an eco one. I hope you will happily join me on this important journey and bear with me as I explore and make mistakes along the way.


Second hand September

Could you do this?

Help people and the planet – and pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days

Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people – it’s unsustainable. Now there’s something you can do to help. Join Second Hand September and pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days.

(Thanks to my sister for inspiring me and to Thrifty Mum for telling me about this)



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  1. July 26, 2019 / 09:27

    I am always looking for ways to be frugal as well as eco-friendly and find often they do go hand in hand. I wear almost exclusively second hand clothing as it is, but will definitely be promoting second hand September on my blog. When I buy new now I try to buy natural fabrics, as there is enough synthetic fibre in the world!

  2. July 28, 2019 / 22:05

    Loving this Becky!
    I am all for frugal and eco tied together. I am currently on holiday in Connecticut and guess what? I finally got to check out several Goodwill stores! My friends are always talking about the second hand bargains they get there. I managed to grab myself a skirt for two dollars and also an almost new, real, Hush Puppies shoes for seven dollars. When I got home I noticed that the skirt still had the original store and price tags on! So it’s brand new. Served me well when I went to church with my friend.
    I also love the idea of checking on the school supplies too, so we don’t purchase what we already have. We have to do what we can to protect our planet and save money in the process.

  3. August 7, 2019 / 23:09

    Love the idea of second hand September – I’ll definitely join in with that!

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