Enhancing your Child’s Development through Play

Enhancing your Child’s Development through Play

No matter how old, children will love to play. Whether it’s on their own, as a group or with you, they’re totally happy when they’re playing and having fun. Not only is it something that can get their laugh-o-meter rising though; play is incredibly important to their development, physically, emotionally and mentally, and is a vital tool during their growth. Enhancing development through play is a great way to nurture the essential skills that they need to move forward.

Enhancing your Child’s Development through Play


Enhancing your Child’s Development through Play

Play is a way for children to communicate with those around them, especially before they have the sufficient language skills that they need to vocally talk to people. Through play, you will be able to see their imagination take flight, producing all manner of weird and wonderful scenarios that will let you in on the creativity secrets.

As a parent, you could do nothing better for your child than to play with them. Sure, they need to be included, made to feel involved, nurtured and cuddled, but playing with them, on their level, is one of the best ways to forge strong bonds with your child. Showing that you have time in your day for them rather than worrying about what else you have to do is crucial; whether it’s playing with your daughter and her Little People Princess Songs Palace or running around the house pretending to be cowboys and Indians, the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s also essential that a child learns to play independently as well. Every child needs to know that it’s OK to play on their own – they don’t need you, or siblings, or friends all the time. But it’s a real treat when they get to share their play experiences with others.

Play is not only fun, but it also helps children to learn the many rules that they are faced with every day. From how to behave at school and what to do in the classroom, to how to be polite in shops and in the street, there are plenty of rules that they need to grasp and one of their ways of learning these is through repetitive play. Children absorb everything around them and play is a valuable tool for them to learn and practice what they’ve seen.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to playtime and there’s plenty of fun to be had. Watch your child thrive and give them the confidence, love and values that they need to flourish throughout their early years.

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