Essential Gardening Power Tools for Summer

Today -Essential Gardening Power Tools for Summer

Summer is almost upon us and it’s high time we all thought about getting our gardens into shape after the long, cold winter. This post takes a look at the best and most appropriate tools to invest in for the summer period.


Gardening Power Tools for Summer


Essential Gardening Power Tools for Summer


Get those lawns and edges trimmed to perfection with a strimmer. In the summer months, when grass growth is at its highest rate, you may find that you need to mow your lawn more often. If you have to get your lawnmower out every time, this can be time consuming when all the lawn needs is a little trim. A light and efficient hand-held strimmer will make light work of overgrown grass areas in a jiffy.

Leaf Blower

Removing fallen leaves, blossoms and general garden detritus by hand is a bit of a chore, so save yourself a lot of effort and invest in a good quality and reliable leaf blower from somewhere like SGS Engineering. With a leaf blower you can deposit fallen leaves tidily away in a neat pile in a matter of minutes. The time spend raking up leaf mould manually is time that could be better spent on less tedious garden activities like planting.

Pressure Washers

Ever had to deal with a dull and faded looking patio after winter? A lot of the time, natural stone, brick, or concrete paved areas get discoloured due to a combination of surface dirt, algae, mosses and lichens – almost no surface is immune to this. Regular cleaning is recommended – blast the area with a pressure washer to get rid of any weeds or mosses between paving slabs while you’re at it.


Essential Gardening Power Tools for Summer

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Hedge Trimmer

Sometimes maintenance of our hedges and larger shrubs can fall by the wayside – especially after an unforgiving cold winter. Now’s the time to trim back your established and evergreen hedges to allow for new growth. Deciduous hedges are best trimmed in winter to make sure they bloom into life come the spring. Get a decent brand of hedge trimmer and it will last you for years.


You wouldn’t have a complete arsenal of garden tools without a lawn mower. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can get all sorts of types of lawnmower. Ranging from the best riding lawn mowers that are great for large expanses of grass, or compact and lightweight mowers that nip round the garden in a jiffy. It might surprise you to know that you can get hybrid lawnmowers as well as petrol.

So there’s our definitive list; get back out in the outdoors again and start loving your newly groomed garden.



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  2. December 5, 2017 / 00:18

    Taking care of your lawn and entire backyard can truly be a pain especially after a long winter. A strimmer is a great tip for giving your lawn just a trim and not a full mow, so much better than damaging your lawn when completing mowing too much.

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