Essential Gifts You Forgot to Give During the Holidays

Hope you had a good one and your children got all they wished for for Christmas. But did they get everything they needed?

There are just some things that are kids just need, holiday season or not. If you didn’t happen to get these essentials as Christmas gifts, perhaps you might want to pick them up now?

A Personalised Journal
With school back soon  it’s important that your child has all the supplies they will need. There’s nothing better than starting up the school season with a colourful journal featuring a theme that your child will love or with their name on.



In the fast paced, easy to lose track of things world that our kids inhabit, a good label or two are invaluable.

How many times has your child mixed an item up with a classmate’s or forgot something at a friend’s house or restaurant?

Labels aren’t the panacea for losing things but you’ll no doubt be more likely to receive a call from a parent of teacher when they find something with your child’s name on it. Stick a label on clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, or anything else  that your child could lose!

Have you noticed that your child’s bag is looking a bit neglected? As something that’s put to use day in and day out it’s important that your child has a backpack that is strong!. Not only is it used to carry books to and from school but all sorts of together things from pe kits to lunch boxes too. The next time you’re out, keep a look out for nice new rucksack and have it ready for the new school year.

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