Essential Primary School Teaching Supplies for the Classroom

Today – Essential Primary School Teaching Supplies for the Classroom

Having the right resources at hand can make a world of difference when it comes to teaching, especially if you work in a primary school. This is why primary teaching supplies should always be top of your list when stocking up your classroom for the year ahead.


Essential Primary School Teaching Supplies for the Classroom


Essential Primary School Teaching Supplies for the Classroom

Stuck on what to get first? Here’s our guide to the essentials items you should be looking to purchase.


Everyday Supplies

Stationery is a must-have for every classroom. While not strictly considered teaching supplies, these everyday essentials support and underpin a majority of classroom activities. Young learners are more likely to need pens and pencils, having misplaced their own.

Even the most humble of office supplies gets plenty of use in the classroom. Whether you realise it or not, you’ll go through countless office supplies like treasury tags, paper clips and rubber bands during each term.

Other everyday supplies that you’ll be reaching for time and time again in a primary school classroom include exercise books, glue sticks, and classroom display supplies. It’s also worth stocking up on a desk-sized hand sanitiser and plenty of tissues! Despite these not being teaching supplies they are a classroom essential during flu season, and in summer when hayfever hits.


Dry Erase Boards

Individual dry erase boards are perfect for activities where you need to engage the entire classroom. They can be used across a range of different topics and allow you to quickly gauge how well students are getting to grips with literacy and numeracy tasks.


Educational Games

Primary school students are still at an age where they learn best by being actively engaged rather than academic learning. This makes education games vital for the classroom, as they are brilliant at supporting the national curriculum and specific lesson plans.

From literacy to music and every subject in between, there are endless primary teaching supplies to choose from when it comes to educational games. No matter which school year you are teaching, some educational games are excellent to have to hand.



Class Packs

Class packs and bulk packs are the workhorses of primary school classrooms. Covering the majority of the subjects on the national curriculum, they are the most efficient and cost-effective way to equip your entire class with the resources required for specific lessons and activities.



Incentives, motivation supplies, and rewards are always popular with students. Positive reinforcement is vital for young learners; it lets both your students and their parents know how well they are doing in their studies. Stickers and stamps are excellent for everyday rewards while award certificates can be used to acknowledge big milestones and achievements.


How to Choose the Right Primary Teaching Supplies

When it comes to teaching supplies for a primary school classroom it’s important that you know what to look for so that you only have the highest quality supplies at hand.

One of the most important things to remember is that your resources should always be tailored to suit your needs and the lesson plants that you have devised. By planning out your lessons for the term ahead first you can use this to inform which resources will best suit the needs of your class, allowing you to invest the department budget more wisely.

Durability and quality are also important factors to considering when choosing primary teaching supplies. This applies to both free resources that you access online, and those that your school purchases.

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