Everyday or Overseas, Travel Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune!

How much money could you save cut out all the travel that you do in a year? Probably a fair bit, but, of course, it would mean working from home or not going on far-flung holidays. You could encounter some real trouble though, when it comes to picking the kids up from school, visiting relatives that live in another town, or even doing the weekly shopping run. Luckily, you don’t have to stay home to save money on travel expenses. Keep reading to find out why.


You can run your car for less.

Running and maintaining a car can cost a fortune if you are not careful, but this is often because people don’t know about the clever hacks that can help you save money in this area. Firstly, remember that when it comes to insurance, you can use a site like GoCompare to find the cheapest quote. Something that can significantly reduce the cost of running a car.

Secondly, many families can save money by reducing down from two or three cars to just one. Yes, it might mean that on occasion you have to take public transport, but for the most part, it’s a much more economical way to do things.

More than one car is a no-no if you want to save money on travel.


You can even rent a car if you are in desperate need of another vehicle for a short period of time, and that will still cost you less overall than buying, insuring and filling two cars up with petrol regularly.


You can make savings on holidays.

Don’t forget either that you can make some serious savings on overseas travel if you know the inside scoop. For example, many flight operators release plane seats at a certain time each year. What that means is that if you hold off booking your flights until that time, you can save a packet because they are priced considerably lower when first released.


In a similar vein, if you don’t mind holding off for as long as possible, you can get some fabulous last minute deals or flights, and even entire holiday packages. Remember though that you will need the money ready to pay for them outright, as you will not have time to split the cost over several months.


You can use public transport.

Next, if you live in a city, especially one with the congestion charge it might be worth your while to ditch the car altogether for everyday travel and go with public transport instead.

After all, you can save a lot of money this way, as there are weekly, monthly, or season tickets on offer. There are also various discounts available for the younger and older generations that you can make use of, and travelling in this way can certainly save you a great deal of money and stress, especially as city driving is notoriously stressful and expensive because of all the stopping starting involved!


Therefore why not consider swapping your car for an Oyster Card or you’re cities equivalent? Then you will have the entire city at your feet, without having to pay through the nose for your travel.


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