A fabulous trip to London on a budget

Now just because I am thrifty does not mean I don’t like a bit of luxury. It just means I like to pay less for my luxury than other people do. Being creative is one way to make this happen, I am thinking of creating a home spa with candles, classical music, towels on the radiator and the like. But there is another way…. being well informed is another way to get some luxury for your budget.

I love to go to London and I like to go by train. I nearly always travel first class. You may not think that is very thrifty but actually it can be! If you have a good look at train times sometime you can go first class for just a couple of pound more. You get a drink in the first class lounge at the station and several drinks and biscuits on board. You also get free wifi. You can in fact save more than you spend for additional comfort and luxury of traveling first class.

Luxury train travel is affordable on a budget and believe me it is so much more relaxing to travel first class.

Now that’s is the kind of budgeting I like.

When you go to London if you have done a little research before hand you will find a multitude of free events, music in parks, free museums, street entertainers and landmarks that all go together to make a trip to London amazing yet really cost you nothing.

Another key tip is to walk London. The centre is actually very small and if you download a street map you will see you really can get about on a budget to most places (or the buses are brilliant)

london bus

In terms of accommodation again you can find luxury at budget prices you just have to be in the know. You must check out Hotel Direct they have a range of 4 and 5 star hotels are really amazing prices. The hotels are right in the heart of London too so you don’t miss any of the action and you also won’t have to be paying out on taxi’s if you go out in the evening.

London is a wonderful place to visit. Just seeing Buckingham Palace and Trafalger Square is an absolute luxury itself . There is so much to do and to see that is free.

If you can get there, travel around and stay there cheaply then you can indeed have a brilliant stay on a budget.





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