Family Debt help – who can you turn too?

There’s nothing worse than being in debt, especially if you’ve got a family to support. Did you know that in the larger cities in the UK, the cost of living can be anywhere up from the £25k mark? It’s now easier than ever to get yourself into debt, with finance options available on pretty much anything that you can buy and unexpected bills coming in, you can easily find yourself wondering how you’re going to cope. So how do you manage debt when you’re in a pickle? Check out who you can turn to and also other things you could be doing to help get yourself out of this predicament.

Family Debt help

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Get yourself some advice

The first thing that you should be doing is seeking out information on how to handle your money more efficiently. Even if you’re precarious with your money, debt help from National Debt Advice can help you eliminate any debts that you’ve got. They do this by working through what you owe and who to and then working out an affordable repayment option so that you can get yourself back on track.

Keep an eye on your credit report

One thing that many people fail to do (or don’t want to) is to keep an eye on their credit report. This is often because of complex numbers and jargon appearing in front of them and not knowing what to do with that information. However, credit report companies have realised this and now break down your score so that you can take a look at what’s really affecting your ability to apply for new loans or even that mortgage you’ve been saving for. They also now offer solutions for you, so that you’re able to build your credit report up. So, they may provide you with a credit card that accepts low credit scores or even advise you to register for the electoral register. The more companies know about you and how trustworthy you are, the higher chance you have of being accepted for any applications you make.

Help yourself with your everyday costs

While obtaining professional help is essential for eliminating any debt that you’ve got, there are things that you could be doing for yourself too, to help save with everyday costs. Check it out:

  • Call around your utility companies and haggle them down to a cheaper tariff. More often than not, a threat of leaving will encourage them to give you a more reasonable price.
  • Take a look at your direct debits and standing orders each month – what don’t you need any more? Get rid of any unused or unwanted subscriptions like that magazine you receive monthly, or even a remaining gym membership. You’ll be surprised at what you’re paying for that you shouldn’t be!
  • Clip coupons to help you with your grocery shopping – it makes all of the difference!
  • Register yourself with Receipt Hog to receive cash back on the shopping you’ve already done!
  • You can alos pop over ther to find out how to  earn yourself a free Amazon gift card.


Being in debt can be a distressing time for anyone, no matter how much you earn. Don’t let your debt pile up! Obtain the help that’s available to you and get yourself back on track before you spiral into even more significant debt. Don’t forget to ensure that you’re keeping an eye on your credit report, as that makes all of the difference!

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