Family Health Insurance versus the NHS

Family health insurance versus the NHS is a Guest Post

At times, it is possible to hear people express views to the effect that they may have to choose between taking out private health cover and the NHS.

In fact, the health insurance policies, typically provided by specialists such as Drewberry Health Insurance, don’t imply any such conflict of principles whatsoever – and they may even complement one another.

Let’s examine why.


Family Health Insurance versus the NHS


Family health insurance versus the NHS

The role of the NHS

The National Health Service will typically continue to be responsible for providing you with accident and emergency services and critical health care cover.

Unfortunately, although the position may differ significantly by hospital and area, it is a fact of life that the NHS occasionally experiences waiting lists and delays in the provision of non-critical care.

If you experience such a delay in obtaining treatment, the effects on you may be highly undesirable, including perhaps on-going pain or an inability to work with as much efficiency and concentration as you would normally do.

If it is a family member who is experiencing the delays, then the effects on them and you may be significant also.  Nobody enjoys seeing a member of their family in discomfort or psychological distress, as they wait over extended periods to see a consultant or obtain remedial treatment.

It is in these areas where private medical cover might prove to be extremely beneficial.


Scope of cover provided

Policies may vary considerably in the detail of the protection they offer and it might be advisable to discuss various options with an experienced provider.

However, typically a policy will allow you very fast access to consultants and specialists in order to have a condition diagnosed and a treatment regime developed.

If that treatment involves a stay in hospital or treatment at an outpatient clinic, you may be able to choose a location and a time that is convenient for you rather than joining a very lengthy waiting list.

Some policies might provide an additional range of benefits, including things such as physiotherapy etc.  Some of these might either not be available at all on the NHS or only with substantial delays.


Family Health Insurance versus the NHS

Family plan costs

At one time, private medical cover may have been something that was relatively restricted to the wealthy or those who were fortunate enough to have a major corporate employer providing such cover as part of their remuneration package.

Today, that has typically changed.

There are a range of policies and packages available that might suit the requirements of an average family and also offer an extremely cost-effective solution that might fit many people’s budgets.

Ultimately, one of the major advantages of private medical cover is peace of mind.  Modern policies are designed to deliver that within an affordable cost framework for many families.

If you do select such a policy, you need have no fear that you are somehow opting out of the NHS. It will still be there providing services to you in those areas where it is excellently positioned to do so.


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