FAQ’s about counselling services

FAQ’s about counselling services

In this post I want to address a range of FAQ’s about counselling services and break down any barriers you may have towards therapy.

Do you have lots of questions about counselling services?

You really don’t need to have to be in the pit of despair in order to access counselling – in fact, there are a whole lot of different types of counselling services for a whole range of issues.


FAQ's about counselling services

FAQ’s about counselling services

FAQ’s about counselling

I am a post-graduate qualified humanistic psychotherapist, I used to have my own small practise working with young people and I have also worked as a grief counsellor, so I have come across a lot of FAQ’s about counselling in my time.


Does counselling have to be about the past?

Counselling can and often is be healing and exploring deep, hidden or long-standing issues from childhood. But it can also be about confronting presenting issues or it can be focussed on the future and supporting you with decisions you need to make or goals you wish to explore.

Counselling is about meeting you where you are at and taking the direction you want to take.


What types of counselling are available?

There is counselling available for all sorts of issues, addictions, self-harm, co-dependency, abuse, depression, anxiety and so on. It can be provided online, in person, via video or even email. Have a read of this great article on what are the different types of mental health counselling services to explore this further over at BetterHelp to find out more.



FAQ’s about counselling services

Is counselling going to take forever?

Some counselling can be as brief as 4 sessions some can last the course of a year it depends on what you want/how it progresses. You are in control of this and the type of therapy you have will also impact on this. When I offered grief counselling I worked with young people on a 6 session basis. In private practice, I  worked with people until they felt done.


Is counselling expense?

Like any kind of service you can shop around until you find a price that is right for you. Typically online counselling services are cheaper as the overheads are different and of course, if you go through your GP you may be able to access some therapy for free. I would say this though – there is no better investment in life than in your own emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Money well spent.



What if I don’t get on with my counsellor?

Sometimes your experience of counselling may make you uncomfortable and you may feel anger/dislike towards your counsellor because they have been party to that discomfort and in a sense facilitated it. But discomfort is often an important part of the healing so don’t write off your counsellor just because the session has been hard.

If however the relationship does not seem to be conducive or you feel unsafe then of course move on. Not all relationships work in any situation so do give it a chance first – counselling IS uncomfortable sometimes but if it’s really not working then it is not worth you wasting your emotional energy and precious time. Find a new counsellor you do connect with.


 I do hope this has answered all your FAQ’s about counselling – if you have any unanswered questions feel free to drop them into the comments section below.


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