What are your favourite sweets?

As a kid there was nothing I liked more than buying sweeties from the newsagents in little 10p bags.

I would always choose a toffee, a little rhubarb and custard boiled sweet and of course fizzy cola bottles. They were my favourite sweets. My sister always chose black jacks and had a sherbert dip dab which I thought was yuck! .  My husband Jonny loved liquorice laces and those funny sherbert disc thingys. Ick!

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There’s not much kids can get for 10p these days is there? And it is rare to see those little mix selections on a newsagent’s counter that they can choose from. Pic and mix at the cinema cost a FORTUNE. Yet sweeties remain so popular don’t they?

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Age 11 I became vegetarian and over the years gave up wearing leather, animal fats and gelatine which took lots of sweeties off my menu. Sadly.  My kids have been raised vegetation and often have to refuse sweeties at parties and when they are handed out at school. To compensate I ensure their teacher or the party host has a stash of vegetarian sweets just for them.

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I often buy these special sweeties online, as they are not that easy to get hold of. More Sweets sell loads of vegetarian sweets, even my favourite rhubarb and custard ones. How delicious.

I have so loved looking round the mo0re sweets website. So many retro sweets on there!  I found those coconut mushroom sweeties I had forgotten all about and the boiled sweets that looked like raspberries and blackberries…do you remember them?

The way to my sons heart is a new play-station game…yet my Granny turning up with a bag of sweets each for me and Tricia my sister used to delight us.

Simpler times?

A bag of sweets is a lovely treat. If anyone’s thinking of treating me anytime soon I may be in my early forties but a bag of sweets would still make me smile.






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