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Do you feed the birds in your garden in Springtime?

I have been sent a lovely bird feeder and some high energy bird feed from Vine House Farm to feed the birds this Spring time and I wanted to tell you a little about why it is so important,

The small birds attracted to gardens such as tits, finches and sparrows carry little or no fat reserves, so it’s vital they have access to energy-rich foods on a daily basis. Woodlands are sparse and we need to help compensate for that. Vine House Farm sells a range of high energy bird food perfect for this.

I am so pleased to be able to offer great food to the birds that visit our garden and love to encourage their visits. There is nothing quite like birdsong in the early mornings and my children delight in seeing the birds come to visit.


Vine House Farm


Look at this beautiful Chaffinch! (Images courtesy of Vine House Farm)

Let me show you something just lovely, Vine House Farm have set up a webcam to watch their barn owls and also their bird feeding station  – wouldn’t this be a gorgeous idea for your own garden too!

Have little look here for more information on what to feed the bird and here to see a wide range of bird feeders



The ring pull feeders are just great and really easy to assemeble and use.

A hanging seed feeder is an ideal and easy way for birds to feed, as it gives them a perfect perch to sit on and all the food they need.

Are you feeding the birds this Spring time?





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