Festivals for the over 50’s

Festivals for the over 50’s

Being 50 or over does not mean you stop loving to party or your interest in music has gone. Far from it, I find the older I get the more I know what I like in regard to music and I still love to dance!  Yet often festivals are targeted at young people which I think is both short-sighted and a shame.

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It’s not just music festivals that abound though. There are food festivals, coastal festivals, book festivals. So much to choose from – even a gin festival!

My in laws are in their 60’s and attend way more festival type events than we do. They don’t have childcare constraints, they have more free time and probably more disposable income. Festivals should try and focus a little more on attracting the over 50’s they are a great audience!

Here is a fabulous over 50’s festival map created by Sun Life Direct aimed particularly at an over 50’s audience, with valuable insights on where they are able to travel and spend a great time surrounded by others and enjoy themselves this upcoming summer!

Absolutely fabulous way to get out and about around the country and have lots of fun in your 50’s.


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