Financial Resolutions for 2020

Have you thought about financial resolutions for 2020

They have begun to resonate with me and I have begun a list of my Financial Resolutions for 2020  . I have a few things I want to look into and a few things to sort out. I hope this list inspires you to make your own and get finically sorted in 2020

financial resolutions for 2020

Financial resolutions for 2020

Financial Resolutions for 2020 – Sort out my Pensions

I have 2 old pensions and I have not really got much of a clue what they are worth or indeed even where the paperwork is. I know that is ridiculous and it is negligent and I need as a priority to put these into order.  I am actually booking myself in a couple of days leave to sit down sort out my paperwork and explore where I can make savings

I may even be eligible for mis sold pension compensation and that is definitely worth exploring too.

If you don’t know here’s what a mis sold pension is – could it be worth you exploring this too? Basically it’s a pension in which you were persuaded to put your safe investment into a pension that was risky or unregulated. The incredible promises leading to a really bad result for you and your money.  If this happened to tou you could absolutely be due some compensation.

It’s going on my financial resolutions 2020 to-do list to look into this. Maybe you should add it on to your list too.


My Financial Resolutions for 2020 include switching my utilities

I haven’t done this for a couple of years and prices are hiking up again since I did the switch (doesn’ t this always seem to happen?)  I need to make a regular 6 monthly appointment with myself to review utilities and other debts.


Look afresh at my commitments

So slowly do they creep back in – I have a gym membership I don’t much use, a couple of magazine subscriptions that the kids barely read. I need to take a good hard look at them and do a cull!


Reviewing my car and holiday insurance is one of my Financial Resolutions for 2020

I pay Direct line for my car insurance and haven’t changed this in years. I have juts convinced myself it is the best deal and haven’t bothered looking around. this is lazy really and I could probably save my slef a good deal of me. I am now putting his firmly on the to sort list.


Investigate University costs as part of my Financial Resolutions for 2020

My nieve started university this year and my son is due to star in 2.5 years. Until I had a good chat with her I just assumed my son would be lent the money he needed. becuase we are middle-income earners this is not the case and I was completely blown away and definitely concerned about how much we are going to need to contribute. I need to start a savings plan for this and find out exacly how much we will need.

Top of my Financial Resolutions for 2020 is to Revise my food shopping costs

we spend way too much money on food probably £150 a week on the 4 of us. It hasn’t helped that my daughter has gone vegan and that I tend to be so busy I rarely cook form scratch. I am going to look at reducing this to £100 a week by meal planning and perhaps switching my supermarket

Watch this space and lets see if I can keep my Financial Resolutions for 2020

So tell me what are your financial resolutions for 2020?



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