Find the best landlord insurance deal

Are you wondering how to find the best landlord insurance deal?

As with anything, it can be easy to just accept the quote your previous insurer has given you when it is time to renew your landlord insurance. However, the truth is that deal is unlikely to be the best you can get.

There are always deals to be had and you, as the consumer, are in the driving seat if you spend a little time finding them.

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Shop around to find the best landlord insurance deal

Far and away the best way to get a cheaper deal on your landlord insurance is by looking at as many places as you can. The internet is very much your friend when it comes to finding the best deals

Comparison sites usually show you the best deal that can be had at the time, and offer you the ability to tweak and make changes to bring down the price or add features. As well as this, there are sites that specialise in deals that might well include insurance from time to time


Work out exactly what you need

Another good way to bring down an existing policy or to get a low price when you first take it out is by knowing exactly what you want to get from it. Insurance policies, and this includes landlord insurance sometimes include things that you do not see of benefit.

By removing these you can either lower the premium outright or create room for other, more beneficial, factors. Take a good look at the working on your existing policy and phone up the company if you want to make amendments.

find the best landlord insurance deal

Do you have insurance with the same company?

Insurance companies frequently offer better deals to existing companies. If you have another type of insurance, such as for your car or pet, the company might well offer you a discount if you want to take out landlord insurance too.

There could be a deal on their website or advertised on television, so be sure to check. Otherwise a phone call to discuss your options and potential deals might prove profitable.


find the best landlord insurance deal –Group them together

If you are a property manager, you probably have more than one house or flat you are letting. If this is the case you can probably save money on your insurance by grouping them all together under the same policy.

This will keep your insurance consistent amongst each home and you will also benefit from there being just one renewal date.


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