Finest Choice Vinyl Flooring – Amtico

Among the many words that can be used to describe luxury vinyl flooring (LVT), and certainly one of the most prominent, is ‘reassurance.’




The word is as comforting as the product it describes. When maxing out your home to its full potential with thoughts on how it can remain nice and cosy, the reassurance comes from many brands with one in particular leading the way; Amtico.

From it’s practical water and stain resisting properties to really provide security in the kitchens and bathrooms, to the vast array of designs and palettes on offer, Amtico brings versatility and durability into many homes all year around.

Developed and produced in the UK, Amtico flooring brings high quality tiling and planks engineered to withstand a multitude of forces that would put regular flooring under extreme stress. By heat-compressing several layers of material together to form the planks and tiles, each individual piece is lovingly crafted to provide beauty and durability into one complete package.

PVC vinyl provides a backing layer to give the product stability as well as flexibility whilst an aesthetic layer and backing film give a finish with tone, colour and design. Wearing layers are also included to add scratch and slip resistance, resulting in multiple layers that give a longer life for your floor. Adding a coating treatment upon these layers gives you ease in cleaning and an added protection against pesky scuffs and stains.

In selecting Amtico as your flooring of choice, you are choosing the most authentic selection to layer your home that is hard working and practical. From the vast ranges of sizes, shapes and styles available to you, you can feel reassurance that the right look and feel is there waiting to be selected.

Simple sweeping and mopping can maintain your floor for years to come, even if you plan on adding children or pets to your home in the very near future. With Amtico’s long-lasting warranties – Lifetime for Signature collection and 25 years for Spacia – you can be sure life’s little accidents won’t put your floor into a state of disrepair.

And what of your ideal selection, should it be wood based or stone style? Maybe you feel a bit more abstract would go a long way to give your home the style that adds comfort and individuality. Whatever you choose it is all provided for with a huge range of authentic looking options. Whether you want strong colours or innovative designs you get the best of all worlds with Amtico and a lifetime supply of reassurance.


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