Fitness Goals and Looking Good

Recently I have had some significant health problems (a bilateral diaphragm paralysis) that has left me using a ventilator at night and during exercise. The paralysis has affected my lung capacity and as a result I am easily breathless. But I am positive and focussed and ready to do battle for better health! I need to lose several stone to help my lungs be a lot healthier and cope more with the paralysis.

ex bike

I currently cycle 3 x a week on my exercise bike with my ventilator on. Unusual exercise equipment I know but needs must!


I do about 7 k  each time (exhausting!)  I want to increase this to 10 k 5 times a week to really get fitter. This will help my health a lot. I also want to build in a 20 min walk each day. 

These are pretty ambitious aims but they will hugely affect my health so I need to be committed. Exercising with a ventilator on can feel uncomfortable so I try to make sure I am comfortable in every other way Sadly  my sports gear has however long seen better days.

I was recently invited to chose some clothing from to go towards supporting my fitness goals.

This could not have come at a better time.

My goals are firmly in place now I need to do everything I can to keep  myself motivated and encouraged towards meeting them. Looking good and feeling comfortable and supported are both important to me when I am working out. Okay most of my workouts are in formt of the TV in my bedroom but still…streamlined stretchy breathable clothes feel better to work out in. Gorgeous looking sports clothes make me feel better too (in a different way). I do also think it will encourage me to get aout and about having some lovely coordinated sports gear and some fab new trainers . Would you like to see…..

Nike Circuit Women's 2-In-1 Woven Running Shorts picture 1

Nike Circuit Women’s 2-In-1 Woven Running Shorts £27.99

I love these shorts they are made with dri fit fabric which draws sweat away from the body and they have inner shorts to give you extra scoverage sand support so they look great but are very comfy too.

Saucony Lady Grid Integrity ST Running Shoes picture 1

Saucony Lady Grid Integrity ST Running Shoes

I have always preferred plain white trainers because they go with anything and always look so fresh. These were just perfect to complete this outfit. They are currently reduced form £69.99 to just £24.099 so you really are getting a bragin. These are super comfy have great shock absorptionand are extremely flexible. I am dleighted with them

Nike Loose DB VOOP Women’s Short Sleeve Running T-Shirt £24.99

I love d the coordinating t-shirt and the fact it was loose is much more forgiving on my figure. Again it has innovative  material which helps with *mositure management* as Nike so politely call it!

For colder days I opted for these capri running tights. These are also made of sweat wicking fabric have an wide elastic waistband and are smooth and seamless. Perfect for working out in.


Nike Women’s Pro Capri Running Tights£22.49



I am totally in love with my new running gear… now to  exercise!


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  1. Laura Briggs
    May 1, 2014 / 15:07

    Becky, this is a real motivational post. It’s so easy to not exercise because of various excuses but you’ve spurred me on to get out and about. I have just taken custody of a pedometer which makes me feel guilty if I don’t move for any length of time. It’s addictive but I know that in the long run it will be good for me!

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