Five benefits of changing your mattress every eight years

Benefits of changing your mattress every eight years

Most adults need approximately eight hours sleep each night to be fully rested for the day ahead. If you’re not getting enough sleep, or if you find that you’re sleeping better on a sofa or at a hotel, it may be time to change your mattress. There are some significant benefits that come with changing your mattress every eight years. Here’s just five of the reasons why you should keep on top of replacing your mattress.


benefits of changing your mattress

Benefits of changing your mattress


Benefits of changing your mattress – sound advice for a good night sleep

let’s take a look at the benefits of changing your mattress every 8 years.


Opportunity for new sleep technology

If you haven’t changed your mattress in a while you will probably be missing out on all the new improvements sleep experts have invented. One of the most popular is memory foam technology. The soft, spongy material moulds to your shape and distributes pressure to ward off back pain for a better night’s sleep. Orthopaedic mattresses from stockists such as the Divan Bed Centre are great to aid aches and pains, and even the spring technology has developed. Modern mattress springs stay in place for longer. There are even advanced mattresses that use gel, foam and latex instead of traditional springs to provide the optimal support.

There are a lot of reasons you may need a new mattress. Yours might be sagging or lumpy. It also might be full of allergens. It could also simply be worn out with age. When you go to mattress-store in NYC for example the staff can help you replace your mattress with a newer and better model. Using analysis of your complaints, sleeping position and body type, staff members can determine which mattresses can correct your sleeping issues. You can also test mattresses for yourself to see how comfortable they are for you, which is essential since each person is different. Your body may require specific features for quality sleep, such as hip or back support.


Tailor to the perfect night sleep

As times goes on your body is bound to change. For example, you may grow taller and lose or gain weight. A mattress can be affected by all of these things as it’ll alter your sleeping position. Applying too much pressure to the same point, will, over time, damage the springs and you could end up with an uncomfortable place to sleep. One of the main benefits of getting a new mattress is that you can tailor it to your needs. Choose a softer mattress for total comfort, a medium to firm one for comfortable support or a firmer mattress for total support.


Better hygiene

When you sleep, you’ll naturally shed unwanted skin cells. Unfortunately, as gross as it sounds, these dead skin cells build up in your mattress over time. In fact, a normal mattress will gather 454g of dead skin cells a year. You also sweat in the night, which again soaks into the mattress and gravitates towards the core over time. Not only this, a warm and cosy mattress is the perfect environment for dust mites to breed. This is why changing your mattress every eight years is preferred, to say the least.


Better health

Studies have shown that your health is more likely to worsen if you’re not getting enough sleep. This is linked to obesity, mood swings, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. This is because when we sleep, our bodies naturally repair cells and if we’re not asleep, we cannot repair ourselves. Back pain is also linked to how well you’re sleeping. If you’ve got a poor quality mattress, it’s going to make sleeping a lot harder. You need a mattress that’ll help get you off to sleep to ensure you’re productive throughout the day.


Reduces stress

A good night’s sleep is one of the best cures for stress. If you’re up at night worrying about family problems, finances or work, it’s not going to help you to rest. Getting a comfortable mattress will help you drift off easier, giving you a better night sleep and help you feel less stressed overall.


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  1. February 2, 2018 / 15:50

    This is probably a good idea, given all the “waste” that comes off the body during sleep / laying there. And, the beds tend to droop – at least that’s been my experience. We just bought an organic mattress and really like it. Esp the fact there was no off-gassing of chemicals when we brought it into the home.

  2. October 1, 2018 / 18:23

    Yeah it is necessary to change the mattress after a certain time for better sleep. Though some people ignore it and some are too lazy to change!

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