Five reasons I love plimsolls

reasons I love plimsolls

I have always dressed younger than my years. I don’t mean in a mutton dressed as lamb, too much cleavage kind of way. (though each to their own)  I mean as in I think I am a teenager kind of  way.

reasons I love plimsolls

I have never yet managed to get my head around work clothes and I wobble in the very teeny tiniest heel almost like a child playing dress up.Not for me.

Ballet pumps and plimsolls are my favourite kind of comfortable footwear..they are always on trend and always super comfy and they don’t make me fall over!  Very often plimsolls are marketed towards teens/kids but I have to say mums adore them too!

I have white and blue and red lace ups, white and blue slip on plimsolls and I hanking after some dog print ones!

There are FIVE  main reasons I love plimsolls  the first is because they are pretty cheap as shoes go and being cheap means I can have them in various colours to match outfits (I do like a nice bit of co-ordination.)

The second is they make me feel bouncy, capable of running and properly playing

The third is you can often just pop the m in the wash if they get scuffed.

The fourth is I think they can be worn with almost everything

The fifth is because they feel nice

I also still like to wear leggings and cagouls and I like umbrellas with animals on and little girls hair clips and yes I am forty-something!

What’s you footwear of choice?


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