Floor designs children will absolutely love

When I was a kid you were lucky to be allowed to blu tack a poster to the wall. I used to have my granny’s old flowery curtains and a swirly brown and orange seventies carpet in my room. And that really was about it.

Now I know kids who have their own TVs in their room, cool lighting, beds with desks underneath, smart technology and tablets in their bedrooms. Times have really changed. Both my kids have lovely bedrooms, cheerful, stylish, practical and really tuned into them.

However thing could get even better and a lot more exciting with new innovations in floor design  around the corner.

Bespoke is key these day as and what budding young footballer wouldn’t fancy their bedroom floor looking like this. I know my son would be elated to come home from school one afternoon and find this on his bedroom floor!

Footy Pitch

Wouldn’t I be mum of the year!

And how about this for my little girl


The flooring concepts were designed by UKFlooringDirect

She would want friends over every night for a month!

How brilliant are these flooring concepts. Much better than the brown and orange swirly patterns of my childhood.  At the moment both children have completely plain oatmeal coloured carpets in their rooms. Not offensive to the eye but certainly not a design feature either. These potential carpets of the future absolutely rock!

These graphic design ideas really would change a room from a bland space into a spectacular statement and they are just so much fun! here’s hoping these ideas become reality!


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