Floristry Courses – A New Career Working with Flowers

Have you ever considered floristry courses?


floristry courses


Busy, Busy

I have had a funny, mixed bag of a  career really.

 I worked for a long while with people with disabilities in a therapeutic setting, first as a volunteer and later as a qualified social worker.  I also ran a mental health community centre for a while.

Later on I retrained as a psychotherapist and worked with bereaved children. Serious and pretty heavy work but I loved it all.

When I had my kids I wanted to be at home so I began to write. I did this partly because I love writing, my first degree was in American Literature, and partly because it meant I could work flexibly and have lots of lovely time with my kids. I  now write books on emotional wellbeing as well as writing six blogs.

I have word hard over the years.

Busy, busy.

It is time to slow down and smell the roses.

I still feel a little unfulfilled career-wise and the artist in my would love a creative outlet. Maybe my third career should be something more practical, lighter, brighter and creative?


Flowers and Me

I have had a love affair with flowers since I was tiny. For me, flowers are the ultimate gifts.

My dad had a flower stall at the market and my mum had endless flowers all around our home. My grandad too gave my mum lovely bunches of flowers on a regular basis form his garden. For me, they embody all things love. I adore every flower from the humble to daisy to exotic tropical flowers.

To work amongst flowers all day would be a dream for me.

The scents of the flowers, the colours, the huge range would just be delightful. To make beautiful bouquets for people to buy to gift to themselves or others would bring me so much joy. I envisage a gentler and simpler way of working that would surround me with flowers and happy people.


floristry courses


Floristry Courses

Before I get myself all carried away (as I often do) with dreams of a new career, I need to get practical and really explore if it is right for me.

Floristry courses are a great idea, a chance to explore the ins and outs of how to run a flower business. I would learn more about the art of flower keeping and arranging and buying and selling. I would not only learn a whole host of new floral skills I would also really get a handle on whether becoming a florist is more than a simple pipe dream for me.

And if it wasn’t?

Well, my own personal flower arranging skills will have had a great upgrade!


pink flowers


What about you and your wild, precious life?

Do you have a career idea that you would like to explore? Is there a course you could go on to see if it is right for you. I think we owe it to ourselves to always explore our dreams. As Mary Oliver said in her poem The Summer Day

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?




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