Frame Your Personality: Expressing Individuality With Tom Ford Eyewear

Modern fashion has made it easier to express your personality by your appearance. And the truth is, people make impressions of you just by assessing how you’re dressed. That’s why the eyewear is now more than just a means of vision correction.

In today’s fashion world, eyeglasses show style, personality, and other specific preferences of individuals. And that’s what the Tom Ford eyewear brand embodies- making fashion as style-filled and individualistic as possible.

People’s perception of you matters and as such, it’s essential you come across as who you want to be known as. Nothing beats wearing a look that “communicates” YOU.



Tom Ford Eyewear



Glasses were originally designed to correct vision problems. However, modern fashion brought a different trend, making it fashion accessories. People now wear them to stand out and assert their personality.

There are different styles, frames and colors of eyeglasses on the market but choosing the right ones depends on what fits. Here are some of the popular glass styles that are in vogue right now.

The Retro Style

During the 1920s and 30s, this style was all the rage. Given the archetypal nature of this style, most modern brands in the eyewear industry are now designing glasses similar to it. The Tom Ford brand isn’t left out in this regard.

It features many types of retro-vintage eyeglasses in its collection. People love this style because it is a classic.

The Cat-eye

This is one of the most popular styles of women. It softens their appearance and accentuates their makeup. You can find such exceptional spectacles by checking Tom Ford glasses by CoolFrames as well.


This is obviously a modern style. It comes with a number of tech features and these are usually meant to protect or correct the vision of the wearer. However, this type of glasses is usually worn for function and not necessarily for fashion.

Among other tech glasses, Tom Ford features a blue light blocker glasses for those that work on their computers and phones for long hours. This ensures visual protection from the light digital screens emit.


Fashion means “making it fit.” Thus, you have to ensure the frames you choose are appropriate for your face. Plus, they must also accentuate your personality. Here are things you must consider while selecting frames.

Your Face Shape

It all begins with your face shape. Don’t know how to determine your face shape? Get a mirror and trace your face shape. The common face shapes include: oval, square, triangular, round, and heart.

  •         If you have an oval face shape, glasses with rectangular, square and cat-eye (for women) frames are ideal.
  •         Have a round face? Rectangular or oversized frames will do just fine.
  •         If you are a square-faced, glasses with round, cat-eye (for women) and oval frames are perfect for you
  •         Have a triangular face? Round, square and cat-eye (for women) frames are the right fit.
  •         Have a heart-shaped face? Cat-eye (for women), rectangular and oval frames are perfect.

These are what ideally fit for different face shapes. However, it’s still left for you to decide what suits you best. Fashion is quite expressive and as such, it depends on the individual. However, if you feel something different is great for you, go for it. But be sure it fits.

Your Skin Tone

This is also another aspect you must consider when choosing frames. The color of the frames must compliment your skin tone. If you have a cool-colored skin tone, it’s best you go for colors such as blue, black and grey.

On the other hand, if you have a warmer skin tone, red, tan, and pink are okay. If you effortlessly select clothes that match your skin tone, you shouldn’t have any problem. It’s pretty much the same thing when selecting frames. The Tom Ford eyewear collection is home to many exceptional frames with numerous colors.


Hey four eyes! Showing up with 2 of your extended eyes stained isn’t attractive. The Tom Ford eyewear is a classy one and as such, handling it with care will make it last longer for you. Here are ways to maintain your Tom Ford’s.

Don’t Use Window Cleaners

Window cleaners contain abrasive chemicals that will damage your glasses. So, it’s best you don’t think about window cleaners when your specs need cleaning.

Soap And Warm, Running Water Are Perfect 

This may seem cliché, but you can never go wrong with the traditional approach. Tom Ford glasses come with protective layers and if you use abrasive chemicals in cleaning them, you’ll cause a lot of damage.

A mild soap and warm running water are perfect.

Use Tom Ford’s Cleaning Cloth

You can also use Tom Ford’s cleaning cloth to dry your glasses. This ensures you don’t make a mistake by using any fabric you get your hands on.


Fashion is expressive and it is based on individual preference. So, be sure to choose glasses that show your personality.


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