Free Guided Relaxation: Rising Above

Free Guided Relaxation

Free Guided Relaxation

I do hope you enjoy this free guided relaxation. I have included both the script for you and a video of me reading it. Please feel free to use either for personal ( not commercial use) though if you use directly with a group of kids I would not mind at all!

The idea of guided relaxation is to help you step away from your present situation in to a place of fdeep, warm relaxation and to return feeling refrershed and rested. I hope with this little relaxation you wil return feeling strong too and capable and able to give some persepective to any worries. Please let me know how you get on with it


Rising Above


I am going to guide you on a marvelous adventure

I want you to close your eyes really gently. Take in a slow deep breath.

I am going to count from 5 all the way down to 1 – when I get to 1 you will feel really calm and really relaxed


5 – Breathe deeply and calmly


4 – Focus only on my voice


3 – Let your body relaxed and comfortable


2 –   You feel warm and safe


1 – Now your whole body feels heavy and peaceful, you muscles all feel relaxed and loose and we are ready to begin our adventure,


Now imagine a beautiful, pathway leading down a gently sloping hill. You are barefoot and he grass beneath you feels soft and dewy. The grass is brightest green and sparkling in the sunlight. As you walk slowly down the pathway you take in everything around you. The sun is warm on your face you can hear the birds calling. There is just one tiny white fluffy cloud in the sky that drifts on by. Everything is beautiful and you feel so content.

As you follow the path down the gently sloping hill you see ahead of you a beautiful lake. You kneel down when you reach it and run your hands through the turquoise waters. It is warm as a bath.

You see a little wooden boat with oars bobbing gently on the water’s edge. It looks so inviting.

You climb in and the boat feels steady and secure beneath you. You feel so comfortable in the little boat that rocks so, so gently on the water.

Your body feels wonderfully strong as you take the oars and row rhythmically out onto the lake. The water is perfectly still and the air is so fresh pure.

Looking down you see beneath the turquoise waters an array of golden and silver fish swimming quickly and silently around your boat. They glitter in the sunshine and they make you smile because they are so delightful.

As you trail your hand in the waters and you feel your boat slowly, ever so slowly rise at the font and begin to leave the water. It tips you only slightly and you firmly hold the sides as you look with awe as it rises, heading on a gentle slope to the clouds.

Soon you are in the sky and you notice your boat now has oars made of beautiful golden feathers and you can row in any direction you please.

You are amazed, yet you feel totally safe, warm and snug on your little boat. Looking down you see the shimmering lake, the emerald green grassy hills and, a, few tiny houses. A gentle breeze ruffles your hair and you sign with happiness.

You let go of any worries.  You feel nothing but awe and wonder and deep, deep joy as your boat gently flies you over our beautiful earth. You are far above anything that has been bothering you and it all seems so small.

How powerful you are as you row steadily through the clouds.

You use your feather oars to swoops and turn and is just magical.

Eventually, slowly you direct your little boat back to the lake.

As you begin your descent our boat passes under the arc of a rainbow the red, yellow, pinks and orange are so vivid and so dazzling you cannot help but give the biggest smile. Let yourself smile now as you travel under that rainbow. What an amazing adventure?  How brave and bold you are flying the skies.

You glide back in the lake with a tiny, tiny splash and you see again the oars are just regular awes and fish are back shimmering around your boat. With you strong arms you steadily row your boat back to the shore.

You say thank you to it as you climb out of the boat and lay the oars gently back in it. You can come back to your boat any time you like and take another magical journey. It’s always there for you, ready to take you far from your worries and fill you up with colour and light.

Breathe in deeply now and exhale slowly.

Breathe in all the happiness and wonder from your boat ride and keep them with you.

You’ve done a wonderful job relaxing and imagining.

When you’re ready, give your body a big stretch and gently open your eyes.


I do hope you have enjoyed this Free Guided Relaxation. You might also like my post on top tips for getting creative with kids


Becky Goddard-Hill is the co- author of Create Your Own Happy a happiness boosting actuvity book for kids (Harper Collins 2018)



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