8 Best Beautiful Kids Affirmation Cards – Free Printable Download

I am so delighted to have these free kids affirmation cards for you today. 

In my work as a therapist, predominantly using CBT, I often turn to kids affirmation cards to support my work and strengthen how kindly and confidently kids speak to and about themselves. 


Kids Affirmation Cards


The importance of positive self talk  – Free Kids Affirmation Cards

Have you ever notice  how very  kind kids can be in the way they speak to their friends, to their pets, to their parents/carers and to their gradparents. But, also have you noticed how regularly they don’t not speak so nicely to themselves saying things like  ‘I am so stupid’ or ‘I am an idiot’ or ‘No one likes me’ or perhaps ‘I am not good enough.’

When kids have thoughts like that about themselves it makes them feel …

  • sad
  • worries
  • un-confident
  • overwhelmed
  • fed up 
  • unhappy
  • anxious
  • nervous
  • defeated


Kids Affirmation Cards


Positive statements and FREE Kids Affirmation Cards

By flipping such negative self talk and say very clearly to themselves over and over again positive statements such as ‘I am loved’ or ‘I am enough’ Children  impact their feelings powerfully. Positive thoughts and words bring about positive feelings such as 

  • confidence
  • clarity
  • hope
  • positivity
  • excitement
  • pride
  • delight
  • self-belief
  • calm


365 days of happy 

If you love these you are going to adore my new book 365 days of happy which is packed with quotes and affirmations for kids – one for each day of the year 


becky goddard



kids happy quotes



The feedback loop and Kids Affirmation Cards

And of course, just as thoughts affect feelings so feelings affect behavior.

A calm confident child will think more clearly and make better decisions in all aspects of their life than an anxious and overwhelmed child. That calm, confident child will as a result of their behavior then feel even calmer and more sure of themselves and a loop is created. 

An anxious child may make less helpful choices around behavior and they may avoid situations or not make the most of them. This cause a child to them speak badly to themselves and so that loop returns.

 Positive kids affirmation practice works to interrupt that loop and set off a chain of clarity and confidence that impacts both thoughts, feelings and behavior.


Do take a look at this post on growth mindset quotes for kids and how to get your kids to stress less for further inspiration 


 How to use FREE kids affirmation cards

So how do you use kids affirmation cards? The possibilities are endless really.  Here are just a couple of cute ideas.

  • You could tape one to your bathroom mirror and have them repeat it 3x after they brush their teeth morning and night
  • You could pop one by their breakfast bowl and make it a morning ritual that they say it before they eat. 
  • You could pick one affirmation and practice is together all week long as you walk to school
  • You could pop one in their lunch box

It doesn’t really matter how they used as long as you r child uses them daily and reads them. The reading them silently works, reading them out loud works better as does repeating them and reading them out loud whilst looking in the mirror really affirms the positive self talk. But if your child is uncomfortable doing that then by all means go for the silent reading till they are comfortable.


Role model using kids affirmation cards

If your kids see you using affirmations and speaking well to and yourself like ‘hey looking good ‘ or I am strong’ or ‘I ca do this’ as you look in the mirror or shrug on your coat ready for the day they are much less likely to think it is an odd thing to do and much more likely to embrace it. Kids are always watching!  An dyou know what? It will work on you too becuse positive self talk leads to positive feelings. So it is a win – win. 


Pin FREE kids affirmation cards for later

kids affirmation cards


Create your own calm 

In my book Create Your Own Calm – an activity book for 6-12 year olds I stress how important words can be to wellbeing.

Here is what i have to say about positive affirmations in my book 

‘Your thoughts always affect how you feel and how you behave. Try thinking about somewhere absolutely freezing, so cold your fingers feel like blocks of ice and your lips are turning blue. Did you just give a little shudder?

Because thoughts affect how we feel and how we behave we need to make sure our thoughts are positive and healthy if we want to be calm and confident.’


Kids Affirmation Cards



The Science behind kids affirmations cards

Positive affirmations get a mixed reaction, some people are a bit unsure but science says they DO work.

Neuroscience shows that by focusing on  positive thoughts repeatedly you can change and shape your brain to be more positive. Scientific studies have also shown that both stress and worry can be reduced with positive affirmations. It’s well worth giving them a try.


Kids Affirmation Cards  Give it a try

Why not encourage your kids to give kids affirmation cards a try – you have nothing to lose and they are a free download after all. They may  prefer chilling out to visualizations or tai chi or yoga or they may like to use art or creative projects to strengthen their self belief and feel calm. It is a good idea to give lots of things a go to support your child’s well being and help them realise they can impact their mood and they can direct their thoughts. It makes them feel powerful and in control.


Free kids affirmation cards download

Here is the link for you to download my  Kids Affirmation Cards


free Kids Affirmation Cards


Please feel free to share these cool free kids affirmation cards

 Do let me know how you get on with them if you and your child give them a go and please do share them with your friends and their kids too


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