Free money to save for your child’s future


coinsHave you heard of KidStart?

KidStart is a really fabulous scheme that gives you ‘free’ money to save for your child’s future. I know that sounds incredible but actually that is what it does! Families use KidStart to do their shopping and they give you money back ( not points, real cash) on everything you buy online.

It is just so simple to use, basically you …

1. Join KidStart and search for your favourite retailer – that’s food, travel, clothes everything
2. Click through and shop online as normal
3. See savings start to mount up in your child’s KidStart account ( not a real account just a kiddybank- ha!)
4. Your KidStart savings then get transferred monthly to any account you tell them (and you can save into any bank, building society, or child savings account)

The best bit…well it’s free to join too so absolutely no outlay or commitment and very little effort required really to get your free money!

Now I don’t know about you I am often so busy I forget how to make great savings even if the tools are there. But KidStart gets how parents roll and so have created the KidStart savings prompt. The KidStart Savings Prompt makes sure you don’t miss out on savings for your kids. It alerts you on Google and the retailer’s own website if KidStart savings are available at that retailer. How useful is that! And again it is free (and easy) to both install and use.

You can have a look here at all the retailers KidStart work with and how much savings you can make. Impressive list isn’t it! I’m sure you use many of these shops regularly, I know I do. So just by shopping through KidStart you are going to get some free money on shopping you would do anyway.

Members who invite family and friends to save for their kids by shopping through KidStart too usually save twice as much for their kids. I know my children’s grandparents would be really happy to do this.

It’s simple and it’s brilliant!

Click here to get straight to the website and sign up for FREE shop and start savings.




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