From toddler to teenager: how to upgrade a bedroom


Let’s take a look today at how to upgrade a bedroom

 Updating your child’s bedroom can often feel like a daunting process. The upheaval, disruption and chaos can make for a stressful time, but as the years go by you may find that you redecorate several times as interests develop and tastes change. It’s time to get rid of that fairy-tale wallpaper and upgrade to a room that’s mature and inspiring for those late-night exam preparations.


how to upgrade a bedroom


How to upgrade a bedroom

Don’t just dive straight in and buy a pot of paint before making all of the key decisions, without a solid plan of action you may find yourself in a redecoration nightmare!

Follow these steps…


Plan it out

The first step is to sit down with your child or teenager and discuss the new look for the room. It might be useful to create a mood board at this stage to understand the colour scheme and decoration themes. You should begin to measure out any new furniture and work out the logistics. If you’re upgrading to a Divan Bed, head to Divan Beds Centre where you’ll find a number of fantastic space-saving solutions. The under-bed storage is perfect for storing the many belongings teenagers collect over the years!


Use Pinterest as a tool

If you’re feeling a bit stuck when it comes to decoration ideas, then use Pinterest as your main source of inspiration. This visual search engine is brimming with useful blog posts, fantastic DIY projects and creative solutions, plus it’s all free! You can learn useful tips for decorating on a budget and creating a stylish space that your teenager is sure to love.


Upcycle furniture

Upgrading a bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s time to get your craft hat on and get thrifty. Don’t discard old pine furniture which has slid out of fashion since the 90’s, instead, give it a makeover. Chalk paint is a great decorating hack which allows you to transform an old nightstand or wardrobe into a trendy piece of furniture. Whether you’re going with black, grey, white or even a colour, it will provide a new sleek look. You can also swap any old handles for copper or gold designs to add a contemporary touch. If you’re in need of new furniture, head to your local auction house or car boot to pick up second-hand pieces you can rejuvenate and bring into modern life.


Avoid trends and fads

Unless you want to be picking up a paintbrush again in a year’s time, it’s best to avoid any trends and fads which won’t be around for long. Steer clear of decorating with any TV shows and music stars in mind, they might love Stranger Things right now but will they appreciate a Stranger Things wall hanging or mural in a few years’ time? Probably not. Teenagers are fickle, their tastes and interests change on a regular basis so it’s best to keep the bedroom decoration free from entertainment themes. Instead, use favourite colours, interesting accessories and funky art pieces to give the room a big splash of personality.


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