Frugal lessons from my hospital stay

Ah Friday comes around fast doesn’t it – but actually it’s about 6 weeks since I wrote a frugal Friday post so you would think I would have lots to tell you about how I have budgeted. Actually I have been stuck in a hospital bed (long story) and have little to report. Except I certainly did not spend much in there.


Frugal lessons from my hospital stay


Here are 5 frugal lessons form my hospital stay

  1. When you visit people in the hospital you don’t have to take stuff. Too much ‘stuff’  can be frustrating to a patient and they will have nowhere to put it. Take your good self and a proper cup of tea and you will make them very happy.
  2. Have some savings. If you are self-employed and get poorly OMG are you going to need them.
  3. Simple things like being able to walk and read are life’s greatest treasures and cost practically nothing. Not being able to have these simple pleasures is the biggest wrench. Treasure your health and wellbeing. value and appreciate the simple things.
  4. Friends are gold, and if you are going to invest in anything in life invest in your friends.
  5. Ditto family

Short but sweet little lessons from my hospital stay.

Hope you are all well and life is good with you.

Be safe everyone.


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  1. March 14, 2020 / 18:08

    So glad you are on the mend. You are right, never take your health for granted.

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