Funeral Plans: Which is the Best for Me?

Todays guest post is on funeral plans.

From the finer details such as the flowers and the cars to broader questions about whether you want to be buried or cremated, there is plenty to consider when planning your own funeral.

Whilst some people opt for a tailor-made funeral plan due to the greater level of personalisation and flexibility they provide, others choose set funeral plans designed to make the process more affordable and straightforward.

To help you compare funeral plans and determine which is best, here are a few features of both types of plan:


Tailor made funeral plans

Choosing a funeral plan that is tailor made involves working with a funeral director – they will explain the various options that are available to you and subsequently arrange all of the details to meet your requirements. They will also help you complete all paperwork and ensure the costs match the budget you have available.

Funeral Plans:

These are best suited for those with a clear idea of how they want their funeral to be conducted. Some of the main features of a tailor made funeral plan include:

• Reassurance

Knowing that your funeral will be exactly as you want it can be a great relief. By making arrangements well in advance you will not only save time and money on your funeral but will also gain the peace of mind that your wishes will be followed.

• Flexibility

Tailor made funeral plans provide you with great flexibility as you are able to choose from a range of features that cater specifically to your personal wishes and budget. You are also able to amend these features if you change your mind about any aspect of your funeral.

• Individuality

The beauty of a tailor made funeral plan is that it enables you to make your funeral completely unique. This way it will reflect your personality and you can include as much or as little detail as you desire.

Set funeral plans

Set funeral plans typically have less room for customisation but ensure all of the key arrangements are taken care of. They are ideal for those who require little assistance with their funeral planning or wish to make arrangements ‘at arms length’.

Some of the main features of a set funeral plan are:

• Guarantee

Set funeral plans are fully guaranteed meaning that there will be no ‘hidden’ extras. The price will remain the same even if the cost of services rise in the future.

• Convenience

Set funeral plans are available in numerous forms so you can choose the one which is best for you. This is a highly convenient system which helps you make all the necessary arrangements so you and your family have less to worry about in the future.


•Help with Funeral Plans:

The only thing to be aware of with a set funeral plan is that, unlike tailor made plans, most set plans cannot be changed, although it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the set plan, often at a nominal fee.


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