Games room on a budget

Today – games room on a budget

Games room on a budget

Designing a Games room on a budget

If you are reading this it might mean that you have spare room which you want to renovate as a games room on a budget for all your family and friends to enjoy, or you want to create a games room with the little space you’ve got. Don’t worry, there are many ways to make a great games room without having to spend too much money.


Plan out your games room on a budget

Firstly, I would recommend planning everything out. Put down the overall budget you are willing to spend on the games room, so you don’t go over it. Then, do your research – colours, games tables, lighting – what would you like your games room to look like? Look up some games room ideas by the Home Edit while you are at it!

I’d highly advise you to create a mood board, whether you want to do it online or you want to grab images of games tables, décor, and textures and put it together on a board. I find that creating a mood board always gives you an overall idea of what you are aiming for and then you can work around that idea.


No room? That’s cool.

If you are like many of us that don’t have enough room in their house for a games room but still dreams with the idea of having one, you’re in the right place. There are many alternatives to create a games room atmosphere, rather than actually having a full-on games room. At Hamilton Billiards, they have snooker tables of all sizes, which are able to fit a variety of rooms.

What if you make your dining room multi-functional and get a dining pool table? This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a beautiful dining room table which can be “transformed” into a pool table. It will be a perfect way for the family to unwind after a long Christmas meal. What more can you ask for? Probably more room in your house for a larger games room… but let’s be positive and work with what we’ve got!

You can also make your room look larger. As the Family Handyman suggests, you can make your room look larger than it actually is by taking into account a few things: using light colours on the walls as well as on the floors to create the illusion of a larger space. Additionally, keep the room looking open by removing some pieces of unneeded furniture.

games room on a budget

It’s all about the games in your games room on a budget

Are you a foosball fan? Maybe you want a card games table for poker night? Or you simply want a traditional games room with a great quality pool table or snooker table? You’ll probably spend most of your budget on a good games table, after all, it will be the centrepiece of your games room and you want it to last a long time. Think about what games table(s) you’ll want and can afford – what colour games table, size, finish, everything – then, it’s decoration time. Do consider a waterproof pool table – you then don’t have to worry so much if a drink gets accidentally spilyt. 


Decorating your games room on a budget

When you are on a budget, the best way to decorate a room is by shopping second-hand, upcycling used furniture or by using Freecycle. The latter option is a worldwide network where people can offer unwanted stuff to others for free. Who doesn’t love a bargain? There is no better bargain than getting stuff for free!


Finishing touches to your games room on a budget

Think about lighting, décor, accessories and other types of furniture that might look great in your games room. Even if you found a fantastic piece of furniture second-hand but are not sure how it will fit your games room design, remember that you can give an old piece of furniture a new purpose. You can simply repaint or refinish a piece of furniture or take a whole part of it apart and use it a different way. House Beautiful shows how an antique bookcase can be transformed into a bar!

Ultimately, get crafty and have fun with it. These are the two most important things to have in mind when renovating a room. Don’t get stuck in all the small details, just enjoy your time bringing life to a new part of your home. I’m sure you’ll have a cracking games room on a budget once you’re done!

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