Garden Furniture on a Budget

Garden furniture on a budget – can it be done?

Garden furniture can be hugely expensive and you may feel that as the cost of living crisis emerges that this is the kind of area of expenditure you need to cut back on. I want to show you with thought, care and careful consideration as to what you buy and to where you shop it is absolutely possible to get some great garden furniture on a budget.


Wooden garden furniture on a budget 

 I love wood, nothing looks as natural as wooden furniture in a garden and that rustic look is timeless. Wood is also sturdy, robust and if treated properly weather friendly too. And of course it never ever goes out of style or is off trend.

This lovely wooden bench is a really simple and practical solution for garden seating and  it looks rather wonderful too! it is made of impregnated solid pinewood, making it durable and corrosion-resistant and, like all the pieces I am going to show you, it is is available from vidaXL



Garden Furniture on a Budget


A wooden picnic bench

Wooden picnic benches are a great idea for a budget option when look at family focused garden table and seating.  It is super easy to assemble and made of green impregnated pinewood, this wooden picnic table is very sturdy, durable, and rot-resistant.

There is a reason why pubs use this kind of seating it is much more sturdy than separate chairs and works brilliantly for families wanting to eat al fresco.   

I don’t know about you but eating outdoors can feel as if we have gone out and always seems such a treat! When you have your own picnic bench you get to ‘eat out’ without the cost of a restaurant. 

Priced at a reasonable £175.99 this picnic bench will last years and years with the right tender loving care. 


Garden Chair

I love to chill out in the garden with a book and a cup of tea and a lovely chair is high on my wish list. I think this white wooden one is simply beautiful. 



You could have lovely bright flower patterned cushions on it and you would think you were in the med or perhaps opt for blue and convince yourself you were in Greece?

Isn’t it gorgeous? Made of solid hardwood with a durable finish,  it is also weather-resistant and costs just £64.99. White wood is always fashionable and always a good look in a garden.


Cleaning and storage tips for outdoor wooden furniture

Top tip – In order to extend the life of wooden outdoor furniture, it is  recommend you to clean it regularly and do not leave it outdoors without protection unnecessarily.  A waterproof cover is a good idea in winter. 


I hope I have show n you that it is entirely possible to get great garden furniture on a budget that is stylish and practical as well a s being robust and of good quality. Look after your garden furniture on a budget and it will most definitely look after you too 


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