How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Insurance

Today – How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Insurance

With people around the country tightening their belts, it’s more important than ever that hard working families are able to find the best deal possible on car insurance. As long as you’re well informed and willing to compromise, it’s not difficult to pay a fair premium.

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How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Insurance

Shop Around

It pays to do your research when it comes to finding a good deal on car insurance.  There are plenty of online comparison tools available to compare car insurance quotes with the cheapest option . Once you know what these are, why not get on the phone and start haggling? The car insurance market is notoriously competitive and many firms are willing to reduce their prices when faced by offers from well-informed customers.


Who Do You Want to Add to Your Policy?

It’s best to only name regular drivers on your insurance policy and to think carefully before insuring a teenage son or daughter. Young people’s premiums are considerably more expensive, even when there is an older, more experienced driver also named on the policy. If someone drives very infrequently, you can add them for a couple of days.

No-Claims Bonus

Protect your no-claims bonus to cut car insurance costs, as this bonus will allow you to receive a potential discount of 90 percent on your premium. Another way of reducing your premium is to increase the voluntary excess. If you agree to pay more towards the costs of accident repairs, your payment each month will be lower. This will also provide an incentive to keep your no-claims bonus untarnished.


Safety First

Car insurance companies will offer substantially lower premiums to drivers they deem to be ‘low risk’. This means that the safer you are as a driver and the safer your car is, the less you’ll have to pay for insurance. It’s definitely worth clearing out the garage and parking your car there at night. You can also fit an approved immobilizer, tracking device or alarm into your car to make it an unattractive prospect for thieves. If you’re thinking of changing cars, the model with influence the cost of your vehicle insurance. It’s worth avoiding sporty models or makes with large engines if you want to reduce your premium, and choosing a second hand car instead can dramatically reduce how much you pay in insurance. For more information about car insurance premiums, contact a specialist like Autoline.





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