Getting your home ready to sell on a shoestring

getting  your home ready to sell

Now when it comes to selling a home I really think it should be left to the experts. I know very little about the ins and outs of property sales and think it is something you should only dabble in if you are really clued up .

I do know that when it comes to selling your own home however it is important to present it as well as possible. Here are my top five tips for getting your home ready to sell on a shoestring.

  1. Declutter – People  need to see potential when considering a house purchase so you need free walls, clear surfaces, obvious floor space. Nobody want s to see all your nicknack’s and feel its a small crowded place they want to see space and room for their things (don’t go to far and make it look un-homely though)
  2. De-odour – I don’t know if the smell of vanilla, baked bread or coffee really hypnotises people into thinking ‘how homely I want to live there.’ Strong odours, I do know, are really off-putting even if they are clean ones. Bleach or too much pine disinfectant or air freshener makes me wonder what people are trying to hide. Dog smells, mice smells and strong cheese also completely put me off! Clean and open windows and use odour neutralising sprays and only lightly fragranced or no fragranced cleaning products.
  3. Smile –  I think if you give off a happy vibe to potential sellers and are relaxed and enthusiastic you are saying hey look this is a happy home, I think that can be a huge selling point
  4. Use props – Something’s make me think a house is a home. Use a few ‘props’ in to give off  this vibe.  A book, fresh fruit, a small bunch of cheerful flowers preferable out the garden. I think buyers like to see clean and space but not sterile.
  5. Charm – If you have tomatoes growing in you garden giving a little punnet of these to potential buyers is charming. A little history of your house printed out for a potential buyer to read (and keep) is very sweet too or maybe explaining to them how your house got it ‘s name. Aim to charm, make your house seem special and make it memorable.





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