Gift guide for an 11 year old girl

So I have drawn up a gift guide for an 11 year old girl.

I have an 11 and a 14-year-old and his list is mainly made up of techy stuff. She however, always has a wide range of wants and must-haves and sometimes I have spent an age looking up ideas for her. I have gathered some of my favourite ideas for an 11-year-old here for you so you don’t have to spend hours looking  – I do hope they inspire you in your gift buying! (Some of these I have been gifted for review.)


Gift guide for an 11 year old girl

Milk bottles

My daughter is a huge fan of making milkshakes and she would just love to present them in these uber cute milk bottles from Red Candy  £11


Gift guide for an 11 year old girl


The Milkshake bar

To accompany this gift the Milkshake bar recipe book from The Book People is just perfect and an absolute bargain at just £2.99




The DIY Crystal Card Kit

I would gift this pre- Christmas as a little advent gift so my daughter could make a super sweet card for her Gran or someone special. My daughter loves to make cards and this is a kind of bling by numbers (think paint by numbers but with Crystals! ) How cool is this! A lovely way to get your Christmas craft on and a variety of style cards available.

The kits are available from and cost £4.99


Veggie sweets

How about gifting a Giant Strawbs Gift Box (1kg) These yummy sweets a perfect for sweetie lovely kids who also happen to be veggie like mine. A lovely stocking stuffer from Haribos which is suitable for vegetarians.  These are avaible un varius sizes and boxws at B&M Stores



Sew me up hedgehog

This sew me up hedgehog and hoglet gift in a tin really is super cute!  I love to gift craft activities that then create something that a child will want to keep. They get so much pride out of their creations. This is a really easy craft that will suit even a very novice sewer.

It is available from reroom and costs £12



Gridart photo display

I am so excited about completing this grid art display for one of my daughter’s gifts. It will be so much fun for her to have on her wall filled with photos of her family and friends.

This is available from Red Candy £19.20. It holds 16 x 4 by 4 inch photos.


Itty Bitty Harry Potters

Hallmark  have just launched their brand new itty bittys, the HARRY POTTER collection. These little plushies are just so cute and every Potter fan will love them! They retail at £6 at Hallmark Amazon shop



The Very Merry Christmas Game

The Very Merry Christmas game is one for the whole family and perhaps should be given a little before Christmas to get the most out of it. We are making this an advent gift this year. The idea is you compete to grab the most lavish set of presents for your stocking. There are pull a cracker cards and you even have to sing a few festive songs. The Sprout cards aren’t so good though and the presents are either nice or a bit rubbish. Loads of fun and a lovely way to get everyone in the festive spirit. Available from John Lewis £20




Giant Thimble Tidy in silver or gold



My daughter loves her stationery and her sewing and these giant thimbles are super cool and brilliant for storage.  I want one!

Available from Red Candy £9.81


Pegboard letters

Thes pegboard letters are a really cute way to leave yourself reminders and any stationery loving kid will really enjoy playing about with these.



Red Candy  £16.20



Pin for later…

Gift guide for an 11 year old girl


I do hope you have enjoyed my Gift guide for an 11 year old girl


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