A Gift Guide for Aunty

A Gift Guide for Aunty

A Gift Guide for Aunty

Do you have a special aunty?

I have lots of aunties and they are all rather lovely and all very different.

I feel very lucky.

My kids have just 2 aunties which I think is a shame… and they are both extremely different too and very special.

Aunties are family aren’t they and come birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions they are there smiling away and happy to see you.

I have one special aunty who I am super close to and I see her much more regularly. Gosh she has helped me out so many times in my life. I am truly indebted to her. She has taught me so much too about loyalty and resilience and about being strong.

She is a real blessing in my life.

When it comes to birthdays I am a little at loss to get my special aunty as she is not at all materialistic.

Pondering this I have come up with A Gift Guide for Aunty which includes:

A family photo album

A voucher for you and she to go out for afternoon tea

A day at the spa together

A home baked cake

Some lovely candles and smellies


I think it is really nice to treat the one you love with something meaningful and I think words are also really important. Have a look at these lovely ways to convey to your aunt that you wish them a happy birthday. You can email these lovely quotes to your aunt, share them on Facebook or even copy them down into a card. Isn’t it a lovely idea?

Can you think of something special that you would add to this Gift Guide for Aunty ?



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