Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Gift ideas for teenage girls can all be a bit samey. I have a teenage girl and her gifts generally consist of LOTS of toiletries, make up, bathbombs and notebooks. Now she totally loves getting these things (I have to say I do too and look longingly at her notebook stash.)  Sometimes though I wish she had more variety – she is a fun loving girl and still loves to play and her gifts often seem very grown up and appearance focused. I have been  having a good look at  some brilliant gift ideas for teenage girls over at Wicked Uncle and I am so inspired I just had to share them with you.


Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

I do hope you love the ideas I have to share with you  – not a scrap of makeup in sight!


Bonsai Tree Kit

My 14 year old daughter is a mad keen gardener and loves nothing more than to hang out with her plants and tend to them. It helps her feel both calm and peaceful and instills a sense of pride when her flowers and plants flourish. I know she would absolutely go crazy for a bonsai tree kit

The gift box includes starter growing pots made from coconut husk, compost discs which expand when watered, 4 packs of various seeds and a  growing tips booklet. A creative, zen and unusual gift idea.


Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Grow It Bonsai Trees



Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles

My daughter loves a bit of magic and her favorite film ever is Now You See Me. She loves a bit of a hustle! 

This set looks such a laugh and would be a great way for her to entertain family and friends when they pop over to visit with her birthday gifts! It comes with a pocket book guide packed with clever challenges that only you can win. The set  includes cards, Russian Roulette and some loaded dice games. Brilliant fun! A more grown up version of a kiddies magic set that teens will think is uber cool. 

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles




Chocolate brownie in a mug – in 60 seconds! 

Despite being the grand old age of 14 my daughter and all her friends still have sweet tooth and are always happily munching on some cake or other.

This brownie in a mug kit is the perfect solution. It is super simple takes just 6o seconds and comes with everything they need. Mess free baking at it’s best! All you need to do is add a little butter and milk, pop it for a minute in the microwave and voila! Delicious!

Gift ideas for teenage girls are TASTY!



Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls


Chocolate brownie in a mug – in 60 seconds!



Aqua Bluetooth Speaker – Water Dancing Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

This has to be the coolest bluetooth speaker EVER!  Not only is it portable but it also has seven powerful water jets that respond to the tunes you play.

The light and water show moves in time with the beat.  It look amazing especially with the lights out and it  take the concept of a lava lamp and makes it futuristic. It is awesome! 

Take a look at it in action here: 




I could literally keep showing you gift ideas for teenage girls all day from the Wicked Uncle online toy store but the best thing you can do is pop on over and take a look yourself at their huge selection of gift ideas for every age range – it is impressive!

But, before I leave I have to show you my favourite.


Waboba Wingman – Flying Silicone Disc

I love to get my teens out and about and whilst screens can seem more appealing  the incentive to play on a beach is always strong.

The wingman is the coolest disc for a beach or a park and can fly a straight line of 40 metres before being folded up and tucked away in your pocket. It has a unique design so it does not beer off course at all and you can take it anywhere.

Good times guaranteed. 



Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls


Waboba Wingman – Flying Silicone Disc



Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls need never be boring again!

So all in all an awesome intro to some cool gifts for teenage girls that honestly teenage boys would be just as delighted to get in my opinion. 

 Oh and Wicked Uncle – they will even gift wrap and write your gift label for you and delivery is super fast if that is what you need. 

 Which one is your favourite? 


Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls is a collaborative post 



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